13 February 2017

Favourite Korean Face Mask

Korean beauty industry is much more advanced in comparison to the west. They offer all sorts of products to the beauty enthusiast and being a skincare junkie I am obsessed with Korean beauty products in particular the skincare. I suffer from rosacea which is a long term skin condition that causes redness around nose, chin and cheeks area of the face. As a result, I have experimented a lot of products and luckily, I have stumbled with these three products that works very well for my dry and sensitive skin. I adore Innisfree face mask sheet and their super volcanic pore face mask. The super volcanic pore mask doesn't do much to the pores but it calms my redness and leaves me glowing. Their sheet mask is great for hydrating my skin and having a dry skin extra hydration is essential for me especially in the winter.

Another product I swear by is Skinfood's Black sugar wash off mask. It has good amount of black sugar and works great as a scrub for me. I hate scrubs that has way too much sugar or grainy texture as it is harsh for my dry and sensitive skin. These products are holy grail for me. I can't stop raving about these products. Also Happy Valentine's day in advance. Have a fab one. I have uploaded valentine's lookbook on my Youtube channel if you need outfit ideas for tomorrow.