6 November 2016


I am back on blogging after five months. Apologies for staying away from blogging. I have been pretty busy with my life. If you follow me on my Youtube channel or Instagram then you probably are aware about my pregnancy news. I have been focusing more on Youtube these days. As a result, I have totally neglected blogging. However,  I want to put my focus back to my blog equally from now on. I don't post my Youtube videos here so please make sure that you subscribe my Youtube channel if you haven't subscribed yet. I upload videos every Saturday 10 am UK time. 

I was very lucky that WWOSHA, a Nepalese brand based in Kathmandu was kind enough to send me their products. They sent me 4 clutch bags and 3 pouch bags which are all selected by WWOSHA themselves. I must applaud their choices. I absolutely love each of the items they sent to me. If I had to pick my favourites out of all then neon and orange clutch as well as red floral printed pouch bag are my favourite. The best thing about these items are that it is handmade and made in Nepal. Another interesting fact about WWOSHA products is that it has been made by housewife and old age people. As soon as WWOSHA told me about this, I accepted their request for the products to be delivered. I love supporting handmade and made in Nepal products as we hardly get home grown and handmade products these days. Another reason for my approval was the fact that it was made by housewife and old age people. So, basically when you buy WWOSHA products you are helping housewife and old age people for extra income. In addition, you are also helping the Nepalese economy and supporting Nepalese products. 

The quality of these products are spot on. I have to give them big thumbs up for creating such a good quality items in Nepal. If you are interested in their products then I am leaving you with their social media information down below. Please do take your time to check their social media. Let's together support home grown Nepalese products and retailers.