28 February 2016


Since last year, I was dreaming of getting my hands on these Nepalese trainers Goldstar which is made in Nepal. However, my misfortune was that they didn't sell them online or anywhere outside Nepal. During my Nepal trip, I was planning to buy them. Luckily, my blogger friend Rajshree who runs blog SwankyRana gave me this as a gift on my last day in Nepal. I am very grateful to her for this. I can't believe I finally got it. You know that feeling when you finally get it after years and months of waiting. I am feeling that at the moment. I have already worn this many times. It is very light weight and comfortable. I love this trainers. I am obsessed with them totally.

23 February 2016

A day in a life of fashion designer

I spent a day with Astik Sherchan a well known designer of Nepal. He gave me tour of his studio and talked about his inspiration, collection etc. Enjoy the vlog.

20 February 2016

Styling the Designers for ECS Living Magazine Photoshoot

I feel very privilege to work as stylist for a day with a very popular magazine called Living in Nepal. I spent a day styling the very well known Nepalese designers. We had a lot of fun during the shoot. Before the shoot, I took sometime out to shop at Thamel. So, the vlog includes my conversation with a local vendor. Enjoy!