7 December 2016

Ballerina Flats

I am obsessed with shoes. I call myself shoeholic as a result. This month I have already bought four pair of shoes. I can't stop buying them. I probably have more shoes on my wardrobe than clothes. I love these ballerina flats from Zara. I call them ballerina met rock chick kinda flats. I love the satin bow and the studs. I love how comfortable these flats are. I wish Zara had sold these shoes earlier in summer time rather than in this time of the year. It will be impossible to wear them in this cold December. I literally cannot wait for spring/summer to arrive so that I can rock these flats.

4 December 2016

Oriental Embroided Boots

Embroidered boots are the must have for this winter. It is everywhere in high street at the moment. These oriental floral print boots caught my eye last month. I fell in love with these boots the moment I saw them online at public desire website. As it was my birthday last month, my cousin gifted me these incredible boots as my birthday gift. I am very grateful to her for this gift. Everything is perfect about these boots. I love the uniqueness of these boots. The best thing is the heel size is perfect. I have to admit that I am one of those people who struggle to walk in high heels. So, this heel size is perfect for me. I can't take my eyes off these boots. They are one of the most beautiful pair of boots I own. I have to applaud Public Desire for nailing this trend 👏👏

Public Desire Ankle Embroided Boots. 

6 November 2016


I am back on blogging after five months. Apologies for staying away from blogging. I have been pretty busy with my life. If you follow me on my Youtube channel or Instagram then you probably are aware about my pregnancy news. I have been focusing more on Youtube these days. As a result, I have totally neglected blogging. However,  I want to put my focus back to my blog equally from now on. I don't post my Youtube videos here so please make sure that you subscribe my Youtube channel if you haven't subscribed yet. I upload videos every Saturday 10 am UK time. 

I was very lucky that WWOSHA, a Nepalese brand based in Kathmandu was kind enough to send me their products. They sent me 4 clutch bags and 3 pouch bags which are all selected by WWOSHA themselves. I must applaud their choices. I absolutely love each of the items they sent to me. If I had to pick my favourites out of all then neon and orange clutch as well as red floral printed pouch bag are my favourite. The best thing about these items are that it is handmade and made in Nepal. Another interesting fact about WWOSHA products is that it has been made by housewife and old age people. As soon as WWOSHA told me about this, I accepted their request for the products to be delivered. I love supporting handmade and made in Nepal products as we hardly get home grown and handmade products these days. Another reason for my approval was the fact that it was made by housewife and old age people. So, basically when you buy WWOSHA products you are helping housewife and old age people for extra income. In addition, you are also helping the Nepalese economy and supporting Nepalese products. 

The quality of these products are spot on. I have to give them big thumbs up for creating such a good quality items in Nepal. If you are interested in their products then I am leaving you with their social media information down below. Please do take your time to check their social media. Let's together support home grown Nepalese products and retailers. 

10 June 2016

Cooler tones

I wore this outfit on the first day of my Santorini trip. If you have already watched my lookbook on my youtube channel then you probably know I wore this outfit. I chose the cooler/light toned coloured outfits for this trip. I kept it simple, minimalistic and kept comfort on the mind on this trip.

Zara Top
Misguided Culottes
New Look Shoes
Mango Sunglasses
Street Market Nepal Bag

2 June 2016


I have been looking for a white stripey playsuit for ages and luckily before my Santorini trip I managed to find this perfect playsuit. I wanted to wear something comfortable as we were going for hike in the volcano island. This playsuit is very comfortable and kept me cool during the heat and long walk. I teamed this outfit with my new balance trainers while going for hike. After hike, I changed my shoes and wore this pretty flats.

New Look playsuit & flats
Asos choker necklace
Pandora bracelet
Topshop & Vintage sunglasses

1 June 2016

Santorini Postcard

Santorini is the first Greek island that I have visited. I was captivated by its beauty. This island feels unreal. The blue clear sea, white and blue painted houses and delicious greek food feels like a dream. This is definitely one of the places to visit in your lifetime. I will be uploading Santorini travel vlog on my Youtube channel soon. Hope you will all enjoy it.

30 May 2016


This cute little boho dress was perfect outfit for my holiday in Santorini, Greece.  Santorini feels like a dream made our of blue clear sea and white houses. I enjoyed every bit here.

ASOS Dress
NEW Look Shoes
Topshop Sunglasses
Masala Beads earrings

20 March 2016

Inspiration board DIY


I made this DIY inspiration board out of plain boring notice board. I wanted to jazz up the pain old boring inspiration board that I had so I decided to change the whole outlook. This is very simple and easy to make. Basically I cut my old floral bed sheet that I hardly used slightly bigger than the actual board size. I covered the board with the bed sheet that I cut out and used golden thumbnail to pin them around the four corners of the board. After that I used a stapler to pin the excess bed sheet on the back of the board. It was all done. Yay!

The reason I wanted inspiration board is to pin things, people and places that inspires me. I keep this board right above my computer desk. I love this new board.

6 March 2016

Court shoes

I was looking for a court shoes for a while. I never found the one I liked. Luckily, last week when I went out for shopping this beauty caught my eye. The colour is very eye catching indeed and the heels size is perfect. It is not very high; sort of in between high and low. The best thing about this beauty is that I can wear them for work as well as for my casual outfits. Yay!

PRIMARK Court Shoes

28 February 2016


Since last year, I was dreaming of getting my hands on these Nepalese trainers Goldstar which is made in Nepal. However, my misfortune was that they didn't sell them online or anywhere outside Nepal. During my Nepal trip, I was planning to buy them. Luckily, my blogger friend Rajshree who runs blog SwankyRana gave me this as a gift on my last day in Nepal. I am very grateful to her for this. I can't believe I finally got it. You know that feeling when you finally get it after years and months of waiting. I am feeling that at the moment. I have already worn this many times. It is very light weight and comfortable. I love this trainers. I am obsessed with them totally.

23 February 2016

A day in a life of fashion designer

I spent a day with Astik Sherchan a well known designer of Nepal. He gave me tour of his studio and talked about his inspiration, collection etc. Enjoy the vlog.

20 February 2016

Styling the Designers for ECS Living Magazine Photoshoot

I feel very privilege to work as stylist for a day with a very popular magazine called Living in Nepal. I spent a day styling the very well known Nepalese designers. We had a lot of fun during the shoot. Before the shoot, I took sometime out to shop at Thamel. So, the vlog includes my conversation with a local vendor. Enjoy!