26 June 2015

Champneys Overnight Hand Therapy

It is equally important to care about ours hands not just our face. Half of the time we tend to neglect about our hands and I have to admit that I have done that occasionally. I am guilty as charged. However, I am currently taking extra care of my hands. As a result, I follow a strict, yes a very strict regime to restore the moisture and maintain the softness of my hands. Apparently, the appearance of your hands can revel your age. So, it's high time that I follow my regime and look after my hands well.

I try to moisturise my hands every day, wear gloves when I do the dishes and scrub my hands with table salt once a week. Salt works great as a scrub, trust me. I have been doing that for a long time now. Not only that I have also started overnight hand treatment therapy from Champneys Spa Treatment range once a week. I am very impressed with this intensively rich nourishing hand therapy cream. It works very well, provides that hydration my hands needs and leaves my hands soft and moisturised in the morning. This cream come with specifically designed cotton gloves which you can wear overnight but I prefer not to wear it. The reason being first, it is quite uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing gloves overnight and secondly, it falls off quite easily which is annoying. I found that after I apply this cream it does not leave my hands slippery or greasy at all. In fact the cream soak in very quickly so I don't really see the point of putting gloves overnight.

This cream is slightly expensive £10 for 100 ml but it is worth every penny. Honestly, I don't mind paying for the product as along as it does what it says.


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