7 May 2015

Bruges Postcard

Another day, another road trip. Just a few days ago, I went to Bruges in Belgium. It was a short trip but worth it. I have documented most of my travel updates on my instagram. Recently, my instagram account feels like a sort of travel diary filled with pictures of my travel stories. Anyway, we drove from Germany to Bruges which is 3 hours drive from our place. I was very excited for this trip. Bruges is relatively small however there aren't short of things to do here. You can do sightseeing, boat trips, horse drawn carriage ride, museum visit, antique shopping here. In every corner of this place you will find beautiful houses. Every corner is different to another corner. We kept stumbling across beautiful houses, canals and cathedral. Bruges is also called as the "Venice of North" because of it's canals. In Bruges you are surrounded by the best waffles, churros and of course chocolates. Trust me, they taste divine. I even managed to visit windmills here. As suggested by the locals, we visited Bruges by foot instead of taking public transport as it is lot better to reach everywhere quicker and also due to the fact Bruges is fairly small place.


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