24 May 2015


On our Berlin trip, we spent a day in Potsdam. Potsdam is more like a countryside compared to big city Berlin. It was huge contrast to Berlin. Potsdam is full of greenery, beautiful gardens and palaces. Sanssouci Royal Park is where we went to in Potsdam. This royal park is not like an ordinary park. This place was massive. It will take a day to visit each corner of this park. It has grand palaces, beautiful gardens and fountains. They also had a horse drawn carriage ride nearby this park. Not only that they also have an old windmill. Inside this old windmill you can see the history and the equipments used to run the windmill. It was amazing to see that.  I was very pleased that I discovered Potsdam whilst doing my Berlin research because I really needed to relax after a city break in Berlin full of tourist, concrete buildings and artificial things around me.

22 May 2015


Antwerp was another place we explored on our Belgium trip. We explored this lovely city on bike for the whole day. In Germany and Belgium most of the city and towns have cycle lane. Therefore, it is much safer to cycle there. The best bit in Antwerp was visiting Antwerp central station. That station blew me away. It's nothing like the typical train station at all. It is the most beautiful train station I have ever seen in my life. It has beautiful architecture. It is more sort of a masterpiece. I could sit there whole day and appreciate it's beauty. Apart from the central station we went to the Grote Markt where they have 16th century Guildhouses, Statue of Brabo and the giant's hand and Antwerp city hall. We also visited Cathedral of our Lady,  diamond district, Het Steen, Port of Antwerp.

19 May 2015

Berlin Postcard

Berlin was amazing and rich in history. It was incredible to witness the remains of the Berlin wall. Not only that it amazing to see the difference in lifestyle people had in East and West Berlin when the wall was built. Berlin visit has expanded my knowledge base about Germany and it's history. We visited all the major attractions from Brandenburg gate, East side gallery, Checkpoint Charlie to Potsdamer Platz. We went to Park Inn hotel to view the panoramic view of Berlin. The platform to view the panorama was not spacious as I expected. However, they also have a facility to do a bungee jump from that platform. It was really good experience to see people jumping off the concrete building. It looked scary though. Glad I didn't go for it. We also managed to go to flea Market which was the largest flea market I had ever been to. It was full of treasure.

15 May 2015

Hamburg Postcard

As promised, here comes the Hamburg post. When I went to visit Hamburg, I honestly didn't expect much from this city despite my research beforehand. However, I was amazed by how beautiful this city was. I prefer to do lots of sightseeing, soak in the culture and mix with the locals than just sit and relax on holiday. In other words, I love to explore the place and it's culture. On our first day we went to Rathaus, Miniatur Wunderland, Hafen city, St Pauli, Reeperbahn, Hamburg harbour and Fischmarkt. Elb tunnel, St. Michaelis Church, Planten un blomen, Speicherstadt is where we went to visit on the second day. Hamburg has the third largest harbour and it was amazing to see big cargo ships as well as both commercial and private boats/ships. We also managed to admire the panoramic view of Hamburg from St. Michaelis Church tower. In the evening, we hung out at St Pauli which is the place to be as they have loads of restaurants, nightclubs and of course bars. Hamburg definitely exceeded my expectations. I would love to come back to this city again in near future if I had an opportunity.

Topshop jacket and jeans
New Look backpack
River Island slip on shoes and cami top
RayBan sunglasses

12 May 2015

Wrapped up

In April, I went to Hamburg and it was pretty cold day. I was out all wrapped up trying to keep myself warm. I have to admit that I catch cold very quickly and once I get it I won't be able to shake it off that easily. So, I have be extra careful during the cold months. I can't wait for summer to come. Summer is much better than winter for me. We drove to Hamburg which was nearly 3 hours from our place and stayed for 2 days. We had a fab time. I will be posting Hamburg and Berlin pictures pretty soon. Look out for the post. I promise to bombard you with loads of beautiful pictures.

Oasis Coat
New look shoes, leggings and backpack
Zara dress 
Scarf from Hamburg street market
RayBan Sunglasses

7 May 2015

Bruges Postcard

Another day, another road trip. Just a few days ago, I went to Bruges in Belgium. It was a short trip but worth it. I have documented most of my travel updates on my instagram. Recently, my instagram account feels like a sort of travel diary filled with pictures of my travel stories. Anyway, we drove from Germany to Bruges which is 3 hours drive from our place. I was very excited for this trip. Bruges is relatively small however there aren't short of things to do here. You can do sightseeing, boat trips, horse drawn carriage ride, museum visit, antique shopping here. In every corner of this place you will find beautiful houses. Every corner is different to another corner. We kept stumbling across beautiful houses, canals and cathedral. Bruges is also called as the "Venice of North" because of it's canals. In Bruges you are surrounded by the best waffles, churros and of course chocolates. Trust me, they taste divine. I even managed to visit windmills here. As suggested by the locals, we visited Bruges by foot instead of taking public transport as it is lot better to reach everywhere quicker and also due to the fact Bruges is fairly small place.