29 March 2015


I went to Koln (Colonge) over the weekend and this trip has officially marked as the start of my first road trip for this year. In next few months, I am planning to visit Berlin, Hamburg within Germany and Belgium. I love travelling. In particular, I love road trips as you get see so much whilst heading towards your destination. Koln was beautiful and fortunately we had good weather on the day compared to few days earlier when we had rain. The best bit was seeing Koln cathedral which is world's largest cathedral. It was beyond beautiful. I could literally sit there whole day and appreciate the craftsmanship and architecture of the cathedral. I also visited chocolate museum and get to witness how the chocolates are made. It was brilliant experience. I went Hohenzollern bridge dubbed as padlock bridge which is quite similar to Paris love lock bridge where lovers attach padlocks on the bridge with their names written on it. Last but not the least it was amazing to walk on the banks of River Rhine.

Oasis coat
Marc B bag
H&M suede skirt and turtle neck
Ray Ban sunglasses
Boohoo cut out ankle boots

15 March 2015

For the love of shoes

When it comes to shoes I have to admit that I am little bit obsessed with it. I have range of shoes in my wardrobe from flats, slip-on, high heels, ballet pumps, over the knee boots, ankle boots etc. The list of what I own is definitely longer. Not to make myself feel guilty of owning them I don't count the number of shoes I own anymore. This affair with shoes is never ending.

River Island heels and slip-on shoes
Topshop jeans both 

5 March 2015

Pink coat

I wanted pink coat since last Autumn/Winter 14 but I was unable to find "the one" which suit me. Finally, I have managed to find one. Normally I do not buy coats without trying them as I am petite and not all the coats seems to suit me. However, this time around I bought this coat online and took the gamble. I am super glad that I took this gamble as I love the quality, colour and the length of this coat. It is perfect for me. Oh! yes.

Recently, I have fallen in love with fishtail milkmaid braid which is super easy to create and looks neat. I used to do french milkmaid braids all the time but never really tried to do fishtail one. Don't ask me why but now that I have experimented with it, I love doing this hairstyle.

H&M polo neck knitwear
Topshop jeans and lipstick 
Oasis coat
Graceland ankle boots

Picture edited: Darpan Udas.