26 September 2015

Fishtail Milkmaid Braids

I love creating fishtail milkmaid hairstyle. It looks fabulous and suits most of the people. I created messy fishtail milkmaid hairstyle and added headband to make it eye catching. I will re-create  this hairstyle tutorial on my Youtube channel soon.

Primark Headband 
Forever 21 Earrings

25 September 2015

Phoebe English Presentation London Fashion Week

I was invited at Phoebe English presentation at London Fashion Week. The collection was very beautiful and dreamy with lots of layering, varying textures and asymmetrical harnesses. The whole collection was very demure. Apart from the collection what really caught my eye was the hair, ear accessories and makeup of the models. In terms of makeup, it was very natural but I felt that more emphasis was given on the eyes. The eyes were deep red which looked very attractive and different. The hair was styled in a French plaits and was secured with ribbon. The ear accessories of the models were great.  It gave the outfits instant edgy look for sure. I can see myself wearing that. I would love to wear that sort of ear accessories.

I didn't take lots of pictures but I have taken video of the collection which I will publish it on my Youtube channel next week. Watch out for that. Till then cheerio.

23 September 2015

London Fashion Week Street style

As you all are aware by now how much I love going to London Fashion Week, I made most of my trip by snapping away few fashionista who turned out in great outfits. I present you the pictures of the LFW street style. I hope this inspires you. Cheerio xx

21 September 2015

London Fashion Week Outfit

I was invited to attend Phoebe English Spring/Summer 2016 presentation for LFW.  As you all are aware, I have been going to LFW since 2010. Unfortunately, I missed LFW last year as I had relocated to Germany that time. Now, I am back for good in England I couldn't afford to miss LFW for anything, literally anything in this world. The reason I love going to LFW is that I get inspired a lot in terms of my styling and fashion sense. Not only that it is great way to connect with new people who have common interest; fashion. I had fab time today. I will be uploading vlog soon on my Youtube channel. If you have got Youtube account then let's connect there. Cheerio!

Lost Ink Shirt
Zara Trousers & Shoes
Missguided Sleveless Trench
Prada Handbag
Quay Australia Sunglasses
River Island Ear Cuff

16 September 2015

Fall/Winter Lipstick

Fall is just around the corner and this is the best time of the year to wear dark lipstick. I love wearing darker lipstick during the fall/winter. That's the only best bit for me during this time of the year as I can't bear the cold. I love this particular lipstick which my best friend bought for me on my birthday which was in the Colour Institute makeup case. I was not lipstick person before. I used to think lipstick was for older ladies but now my perception has changed. I love wearing lipstick. I am glad that I have now realised how it adds that extra oomph that we need to enhance our looks. Yay!

18 July 2015

Amid the nature

As you are all aware, I have been travelling a lot at the moment and uploading vlogs on my Youtube channel I haven't had any opportunity to write a new post on my blog. I love travelling and it keeps me sane and grounded. Not only that it has exposed me to new culture, language and expanded my knowledge base. I find peace and solace amid the nature. It inspires me.

26 June 2015

Champneys Overnight Hand Therapy

It is equally important to care about ours hands not just our face. Half of the time we tend to neglect about our hands and I have to admit that I have done that occasionally. I am guilty as charged. However, I am currently taking extra care of my hands. As a result, I follow a strict, yes a very strict regime to restore the moisture and maintain the softness of my hands. Apparently, the appearance of your hands can revel your age. So, it's high time that I follow my regime and look after my hands well.

I try to moisturise my hands every day, wear gloves when I do the dishes and scrub my hands with table salt once a week. Salt works great as a scrub, trust me. I have been doing that for a long time now. Not only that I have also started overnight hand treatment therapy from Champneys Spa Treatment range once a week. I am very impressed with this intensively rich nourishing hand therapy cream. It works very well, provides that hydration my hands needs and leaves my hands soft and moisturised in the morning. This cream come with specifically designed cotton gloves which you can wear overnight but I prefer not to wear it. The reason being first, it is quite uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing gloves overnight and secondly, it falls off quite easily which is annoying. I found that after I apply this cream it does not leave my hands slippery or greasy at all. In fact the cream soak in very quickly so I don't really see the point of putting gloves overnight.

This cream is slightly expensive £10 for 100 ml but it is worth every penny. Honestly, I don't mind paying for the product as along as it does what it says.

21 June 2015

Switzerland Day 3

Enjoy day 3 of my Swiss travel vlog. Don't forget to subscribe my channel. Cheerio.

6 June 2015

Koln Travel Vlog

This is my first travel vlog. I will appreciate if you guys can check the video and leave me your feedback. I will be uploading more travel longs from my Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands trip.  Don't forget to subscribe. Cheers.

1 June 2015

Tailored Tales

Lately I am drawn towards tailored trousers. I just love the clean and smart look of it. On top of that it comes with loads of choices; colour wise which I personally find it great. It is perfect to wear during Spring/Summer. Honestly, I am looking forward for this summer as the trends that are coming into effect this summer looks very promising. Suede, off shoulder tops/dress, denim A line skirts and bohemien dresses fits well into my personal style. Summer dreaming begins now.

Forever21 top and trousers
Prada Handbag
Daniel Wellington watch and Pandora bracelet
New Look shoes
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Earrings from Nepal

24 May 2015


On our Berlin trip, we spent a day in Potsdam. Potsdam is more like a countryside compared to big city Berlin. It was huge contrast to Berlin. Potsdam is full of greenery, beautiful gardens and palaces. Sanssouci Royal Park is where we went to in Potsdam. This royal park is not like an ordinary park. This place was massive. It will take a day to visit each corner of this park. It has grand palaces, beautiful gardens and fountains. They also had a horse drawn carriage ride nearby this park. Not only that they also have an old windmill. Inside this old windmill you can see the history and the equipments used to run the windmill. It was amazing to see that.  I was very pleased that I discovered Potsdam whilst doing my Berlin research because I really needed to relax after a city break in Berlin full of tourist, concrete buildings and artificial things around me.

22 May 2015


Antwerp was another place we explored on our Belgium trip. We explored this lovely city on bike for the whole day. In Germany and Belgium most of the city and towns have cycle lane. Therefore, it is much safer to cycle there. The best bit in Antwerp was visiting Antwerp central station. That station blew me away. It's nothing like the typical train station at all. It is the most beautiful train station I have ever seen in my life. It has beautiful architecture. It is more sort of a masterpiece. I could sit there whole day and appreciate it's beauty. Apart from the central station we went to the Grote Markt where they have 16th century Guildhouses, Statue of Brabo and the giant's hand and Antwerp city hall. We also visited Cathedral of our Lady,  diamond district, Het Steen, Port of Antwerp.

19 May 2015

Berlin Postcard

Berlin was amazing and rich in history. It was incredible to witness the remains of the Berlin wall. Not only that it amazing to see the difference in lifestyle people had in East and West Berlin when the wall was built. Berlin visit has expanded my knowledge base about Germany and it's history. We visited all the major attractions from Brandenburg gate, East side gallery, Checkpoint Charlie to Potsdamer Platz. We went to Park Inn hotel to view the panoramic view of Berlin. The platform to view the panorama was not spacious as I expected. However, they also have a facility to do a bungee jump from that platform. It was really good experience to see people jumping off the concrete building. It looked scary though. Glad I didn't go for it. We also managed to go to flea Market which was the largest flea market I had ever been to. It was full of treasure.