16 August 2014

Neon love

I have never had neon colour outfit on my wardrobe before. However, this year I decided it's a high time that I own an outfit in this colour before I head out for my holiday. After a lot of online hunting, I came across this amazing colour co-ordinated crop top and skirt. I immediately fell in love with it as soon as my eyes fell on it. I bought it straight away without thinking twice. Oh, yes I did. I love how the pleats are at the right places and it doesn't make the skirt look puffy instead it adds an amazing shape to it. The best thing about this outfit is that it is super comfortable to wear. I actually wore this outfit on both Amsterdam and Switzerland holiday. This picture was taken in Amsterdam after a very long day of exploring the city. This summer, somehow, I have managed to catch bit of sun and therefore, I have become quite tanned. I'm not convinced yet if being tanned suits me. 

Miss Selfridge top and skirt
Zara Heels
Michael Kors watch and tote

10 August 2014

On gypsy mode

Apologies for not blogging for the last two months. However, I was quite active on facebook and instagram. If you follow me there, you probably know that. For the last two weeks, I had been on a road trip to Switzerland and Holland. I love travelling. Sometimes, I wonder if I was a gypsy in my previous life. Living in Germany has made my life easier in terms of travelling around Europe. When the opportunity came to settle in Germany for few years, I was thrilled. I love living German life.  My childhood was spent in different parts of world from Hong Kong, Brunei to Nepal. We were constantly on the move. Maybe that's where my love for travelling comes from. If I could, I would love to live in different places around the world for a certain period of time cos I strongly believe that it broadens our horizons, perspective in life and provides wonderful opportunity to learn new things, new culture and meet new people.

Boohoo Hat
New Look Top, Trousers and Trainers
Topshop Bag
Michael Kors Watch
Silver bracelet gift
Rayban sunglasses