18 December 2013

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Today, I am delivering my verdict on Benefit Hoola bronzer after one month use. The packaging of this product is a cardboard box with a tiny mirror, wooden paddle brush and magnetic closure. The packaging definitely sets them apart from their counterparts (none of the bronzer I have came across have cardboard box). The best thing about this bronzer is that it is completely matte with a brown undertone and has no shimmer, no orange undertone, no fragrance whatsoever. Shimmery bronzer is not my cup of tea. I prefer matte bronzers as it gives more natural looking finish in comparison to the shimmer ones. This bronzer is perfect for my skin tone and blends very well. It gives me amazing sunkissed skin and glow after application. I contour my nose, cheeks, temple, forehead and jawline with this bronzer using contouring brush. I have noticed that after application it dramatically changes my face shape, creates the illusion of supermodel like cheekbones (oh! yes, that is what we want, don't we?) and brings out my features more sharper and defined. The wooden paddle brush which comes with the bronzer impressed me a lot. It is extremely soft and blends out well.  Personally, I prefer using contouring brush for blending out. The only downside is that you need to keep this product away from liquids and safely in one of the perfect corners of your bag or suitcase (in the case you are travelling) as it can damage the cardboard packaging quite easily. However, this does not undermine the value of this product. I adore this product and I can clearly see why this bronzer is one of the most loved bronzer in the beauty world.


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    Great review

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