27 August 2013


Few days ago, I went to Amsterdam for holiday. I loved this beautiful city. The beautiful canals and the active lifestyle actually made me wanna relocate to this city. The best thing is that you can cycle quite easily in this city as they have cycle paths everywhere. I wish we had that in England. There are loads of things to do and see in this city. After years of having long hair, I went for short hair and dyed the ends purple for a change. I am absolutely loving my new hair. I slightly altered the necklace that I am wearing. I actually added the sliver U shaped bit from one of my old earrings which holds the colourful stones perfectly.I hardly buy accessories from Next. I was astonished when I found this gem and luckily, it was on sale. Brilliant!

H&M Blazer and Shorts
New Look Top
Zara Shoes
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Next Necklace
Michael Kors Watch and Handbag


  1. love this outfit..your bag and necklace are so fab..