26 February 2013

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

Apologies for this delayed post of LFW A/W 2013. I have been incredibly busy few past weeks. I blame this down to my work and social life. I attended LFW 2013 on day 2 this year and had fantastic time. Sadly, this year I didn't see any shows but still had good time with my cousin and friend. What excites me the most about LFW is witnessing fashionable people and snapping them. I will update street style soon and promise that you will adore their fashion sense. I had huge outfit crisis on LFW. I bought some stuffs online and guess what, it didn't look great on me. I had to find another outfit one day before I attended LFW. It was such a rush. My cousin stepped in to save me and hunted this zara dress I wanted in the stores. First thing that caught my eye is the dress colour; yellow which is must have colour for this summer. Second thing was the cape sleeve. The fact that the photographer said to me "You are brave to wear this colour" made me realise that I made the right decision. Most of the people appreciated what I wore and took my pictures for street style which was fun.

Jessica Mae and Urturn

ZARA dress
MMM H&M shoes
ASOS Earrings
FURLA candy bag
Cuffs and Rings from Nepal