18 December 2013

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

Today, I am delivering my verdict on Benefit Hoola bronzer after one month use. The packaging of this product is a cardboard box with a tiny mirror, wooden paddle brush and magnetic closure. The packaging definitely sets them apart from their counterparts (none of the bronzer I have came across have cardboard box). The best thing about this bronzer is that it is completely matte with a brown undertone and has no shimmer, no orange undertone, no fragrance whatsoever. Shimmery bronzer is not my cup of tea. I prefer matte bronzers as it gives more natural looking finish in comparison to the shimmer ones. This bronzer is perfect for my skin tone and blends very well. It gives me amazing sunkissed skin and glow after application. I contour my nose, cheeks, temple, forehead and jawline with this bronzer using contouring brush. I have noticed that after application it dramatically changes my face shape, creates the illusion of supermodel like cheekbones (oh! yes, that is what we want, don't we?) and brings out my features more sharper and defined. The wooden paddle brush which comes with the bronzer impressed me a lot. It is extremely soft and blends out well.  Personally, I prefer using contouring brush for blending out. The only downside is that you need to keep this product away from liquids and safely in one of the perfect corners of your bag or suitcase (in the case you are travelling) as it can damage the cardboard packaging quite easily. However, this does not undermine the value of this product. I adore this product and I can clearly see why this bronzer is one of the most loved bronzer in the beauty world.

15 November 2013

November Beauty Buys

This month I purchased couple of beauty products while I was back in England for a short break. I bought Real Techniques Core Collection brushes by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo fame which consist of four brushes; detailer brush, foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. Another purchase I made was Benefit Hoola bronzing powder for contouring. I also purchased Urban Decay brow box in honey pot. The best thing about this brow box is that it comes with two blendable eyebrow powder, wax and tools (small tweezer, two angled applicator brushes and two small  magnified and normal mirrors ). The last product I purchased was The Body Shop radiant highlighter which is a liquid highlighter for face. I am looking forward to use these beauty products. I hope they live up to my expectations as they are some of the most hyped beauty products in the current context. My verdict on these products will come very soon.

24 October 2013

Flurry affair

As it is October and the cold weather is approaching near, I needed new coat to keep me warm. I was searching for perfect winter coat and managed to find this amazing coat which has got huge removable faux fur lapel collar on it. Perfect find for me. I love coats with huge lapel. This season most of the high street retailers seems to be offering coats and jackets with fur lapel collar and it is worth investing on them. The good thing is that you can wear these types of coat with or without fur which I think is brilliant.

New Look Coat
River Island Pink Knitwear
Primark Leggings and Shoes
Vintage Bowler Hat

19 September 2013

Amsterdam Postcards

I  realised quite late that I completely forgot to blog the pictures of Amsterdam which I took on holiday. So, here is the late post. I mostly took pictures of beautiful canals. The portrait of the girl with Neon lips was taken in Amsterdam Museum. I hope you can see the beauty of Amsterdam through my lens :) If you follow me on Twitter (twitter.com/Fashbeautybug) or Instagram (Fashionbeautybug) you probably know that I have relocated to Germany for few years. Moving to Germany has been nice change for me. The lifestyle is very different here and I love my new life. I love travelling and I am planning to travel more European countries in future. You will get more postcards from different countries in near future on my blog. Watch out for that.

2 September 2013

Crochet Dress

Among the dresses I own, this crochet dress is one of my favourite. I bought this dress last year and wore recently on my holiday in Amsterdam. I love the fact that I can wear this dress from day to night and also it does not take much space on my suitcase. Perfect. Most of the time I end up packing more clothes than I need but this time I did not overpack for the first time. Can I say I feel proud of myself for not overpacking?

ASOS Crochet Dress
Primark Floral Headband and Necklace  

27 August 2013


Few days ago, I went to Amsterdam for holiday. I loved this beautiful city. The beautiful canals and the active lifestyle actually made me wanna relocate to this city. The best thing is that you can cycle quite easily in this city as they have cycle paths everywhere. I wish we had that in England. There are loads of things to do and see in this city. After years of having long hair, I went for short hair and dyed the ends purple for a change. I am absolutely loving my new hair. I slightly altered the necklace that I am wearing. I actually added the sliver U shaped bit from one of my old earrings which holds the colourful stones perfectly.I hardly buy accessories from Next. I was astonished when I found this gem and luckily, it was on sale. Brilliant!

H&M Blazer and Shorts
New Look Top
Zara Shoes
Ray Ban Sunglasses
Next Necklace
Michael Kors Watch and Handbag

5 June 2013

Free Range Fashion Show 2013

I was invited to attend Free Range Fashion Show on May 29th in Brick Lane, London. I attended the catwalk show presented by Winchester School of Art graduates and the designs were very impressive. Apart from the catwalk show, there was a chance to view the graduates portfolio. I find viewing portfolio inspiring and it amazes me how the designer undergo through the whole process of bringing those sketches to life in the form of beautiful outfits. Have to applaud their creativity and hardwork for that.

13 May 2013

Clarins HydraQuench Cream SPF 15 Review

For last four months, I have been using Clarins HydraQuench cream with SPF 15. After using this product for few months, I can finally give you my verdict on this product. I found that this product works very well with my skin type; dry and sensitive. Out of all the seasons, winter is the worst season for me as my skin feels tight and gets flaky. However, this product has rescued me from this huge problem. After few days of application, my skin looked fresh and hydrated.
The cream is thick and absorbs into skin easily without leaving an oily residue. I have found this product quite calming on my sensitive skin. It is also ideal to wear under make up. I always prefer my moisturiser with SPF to avoid damage from sun and to keep wrinkles at bay. Don't put your SPF cream away in winter as the UV rays are still quite strong in this season. This product comes in a 50 ml oval glass jar and allows me to use bit of the cream without wastage unlike the tube packaging. Although 50 ml feels like a small jar but trust me, it actually last for nearly 3-4 months. I am have nearly finished mine now after four months daily use. The price of this product is £34 which I believe is worth paying for the work it does on your skin.

Feel free to share which moisturiser works well for you.

17 April 2013

Crimp Crimping Crimped

Forgive this red heels for wearing them again. Currently, they are my favourite because of how comfy they are. Another reason I love this heels is due to the fact that it goes with most of the outfits. I must admit that this is my first pair of red heels and I am glad that I bought them. For a change, I crimped my hair and actually did not use crimping iron. Instead I braided my damp mousse applied hair and left the braids overnight. The more tighter the braids are, the more wavier will be the hair. Best thing about using this braid technique is that there is no threat of hair damage in comparison to crimping iron.

ZARA Trousers
MMM H&M shoes & blazer
Necklace, Cuffs and Ring from Nepal

6 March 2013

LFW Street style

As promised, London Fashion Week street style is here. Street style is definitely one of the best thing to look forward to apart from shows in LFW. The fashion packs never fails to impress and I love snapping them :)

26 February 2013

London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

Apologies for this delayed post of LFW A/W 2013. I have been incredibly busy few past weeks. I blame this down to my work and social life. I attended LFW 2013 on day 2 this year and had fantastic time. Sadly, this year I didn't see any shows but still had good time with my cousin and friend. What excites me the most about LFW is witnessing fashionable people and snapping them. I will update street style soon and promise that you will adore their fashion sense. I had huge outfit crisis on LFW. I bought some stuffs online and guess what, it didn't look great on me. I had to find another outfit one day before I attended LFW. It was such a rush. My cousin stepped in to save me and hunted this zara dress I wanted in the stores. First thing that caught my eye is the dress colour; yellow which is must have colour for this summer. Second thing was the cape sleeve. The fact that the photographer said to me "You are brave to wear this colour" made me realise that I made the right decision. Most of the people appreciated what I wore and took my pictures for street style which was fun.

Jessica Mae and Urturn

ZARA dress
MMM H&M shoes
ASOS Earrings
FURLA candy bag
Cuffs and Rings from Nepal