5 December 2012

Shopping Trip

Went out for shopping last Saturday in Oxford Street with my cousin. We had brilliant time together. Bought lots of stuffs and we were both saying "OMG I want this and that". Sometimes I wonder why on earth do we girls need to shop so much even though we have enough clothes in our closet. Unfortunately, I love shopping and can't seem to stop my shopping habits. This winter I am in love with studs and the studded clutch that I was carrying on the day is my favorite at the moment. Apart from shopping, I love good food and I am always up for trying new foods. I adore Chinese, Lebanese, Thai and Nepali food. But mind you, I'll happily tuck into other cuisine too. I can't wait for Christmas. I am already excited and looking forward to catch up with my friends and family. Have a lovely Christmas everyone. Stay happy and warm :) 


New Look Knitwear 
Skirt Thrifted 
Primark Leggings
Necklace (gift from friend)
Shoes Thrifted 
Rings bought from Nepal
Topshop Clutch 
Michael Kors Watch