22 February 2012

LFW Day 2 Outfit of the Day

Attended LFW again on Monday, 20th February. As mentioned before, on first day I failed to take pictures. However, on second day I was lucky enough to get noticed and pictured by photographers. Didn't take my pictures at all from my camera though. On that day, I attended Christian Blanken's show and Vouge Talents event sponsored by Vogue Italia and Italian Cultural Institute. I did not decide on the outfit beforehand.In fact, in the morning of the day, I went shopping and bought this outfit. I actually wanted to clash floral bright prints and was planning to buy floral blazer and trousers. Sadly, I didn't find what I wanted. At the end I ended with this outfit. Decided to wear flats cos I knew it was gonna be hectic day ahead. The necklace and anklet I am wearing, is traditional handmade silver Nepalese jewellery. I just thought that jewellery will jazz my outfit. Christian Blanken and Vouge Talents updates will be posted soon xxx

New Look coat, Primark top, Dorothy Perkins oxford shoes, Nepalese jewellery, FURLA candy Bag, River Island blazer and shorts.

Picture credit: Adam Goodwin and Karuna Gurung


  1. oh that bag was so chic!! i love it!!

  2. Love your outfit. Your coat and bag are so pretty. Great photos.

  3. Nice one di!I think we should hit Oxford in terms of shopping the right clothes...coz the stores around always disappoints me.But i love the outfit. :)

    1. Yes, sure. No problem. Let me know when you are free xx

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