28 February 2012

Hyper Japan part 1

As promised I am bringing you part 1 of Hyper Japan loaded with pictures. The place was crowded with outrageous clothes and cuteness. Everywhere I walked, I found interesting people. Actually, I and my cousin spend most of our day taking other people's pictures. It just amazing and fantastic experience. I loved everything. Enjoy the pictures. More pictures to come in part 2 xx

Picture Credit: Sujan Rai and Myself

26 February 2012

Hyper Japan

Went to Hyper Japan event yesterday wearing candy colour top and skirt with my Candy bag :) The event was amazing and I love Japanese fashion. Yes, it is outrageous but cute in a way. I love how they use fashion to express their personality and style. I managed to take loads of pictures and will be posting them soon in 2 parts. The weather was lovely and warm yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of my time there.  Enjoy the pictures xx

H&M peplum top and skirt, Furla Candy bag, Urban Outfitters boots, New Look coat and New Look necklace

Picture Credit: Sujan Rai

LFW Street Style

LFW street style was amazing. I love observing people's great sense of style and these people are some of the people who's style caught my eye. Not gonna talk about it much but do enjoy the pictures xx

Picture Credit: Myself

23 February 2012

Christian Blanken A/W 2012

Monday, 20th Feburary, I attended Christian Blanken show on LFW and managed to sit on the front row. Yay :) The designs were clean sharp, hard edged tailoring for day and complex draping in fluid silk and viscose jerseys for evening. The most surprising design was the leathers and shearlings were designed like ponchos and side zipped funnel neck tunics. Black, ivory, range of greys, camel, chocolate, warm orange and red completed his collection. Evening dresses were easy to slip on and off with simplicity, elegance and glamour. The back of the evening dresses fell loosely around the body. One of the dresses was incorporated with stunning militarily inspired belts and cuffs. The models were wearing poker straight hair with centre parting.

First picture: Press and rest myself

22 February 2012

LFW Day 2 Outfit of the Day

Attended LFW again on Monday, 20th February. As mentioned before, on first day I failed to take pictures. However, on second day I was lucky enough to get noticed and pictured by photographers. Didn't take my pictures at all from my camera though. On that day, I attended Christian Blanken's show and Vouge Talents event sponsored by Vogue Italia and Italian Cultural Institute. I did not decide on the outfit beforehand.In fact, in the morning of the day, I went shopping and bought this outfit. I actually wanted to clash floral bright prints and was planning to buy floral blazer and trousers. Sadly, I didn't find what I wanted. At the end I ended with this outfit. Decided to wear flats cos I knew it was gonna be hectic day ahead. The necklace and anklet I am wearing, is traditional handmade silver Nepalese jewellery. I just thought that jewellery will jazz my outfit. Christian Blanken and Vouge Talents updates will be posted soon xxx

New Look coat, Primark top, Dorothy Perkins oxford shoes, Nepalese jewellery, FURLA candy Bag, River Island blazer and shorts.

Picture credit: Adam Goodwin and Karuna Gurung

20 February 2012

Antipodium A/W 2012

With the splash of colour, thousand of photographers and attendees LFW 2012 started on 17th Feburary.  The plummeting weather did not stop people including me from attending. I attended Antipodium A/W 2012 on Saturday. The collection ranged from fur, prints, PVC bomber jackets to white crisp blazers. In terms of colour, the bright and pastel colour dominated the catwalk. It was infusion of sport and city chic look. Antipodium has certainly delivered another remarkable collection. Sadly, I didn't take the picture of what I was wearing on the day. I totally forgot about it cos of the excitement and the amazing atmosphere of LFW.

1st picture credit: Press and rest myself