7 September 2011

My Candy Bag


On the last day of Paris visit my other half bought me FURLA'S Candy Bag from their Autum/winter Collection 2011/12. What a way to end my holiday. I was impressed and so pleased with my other half :D I fell in love with this cute bag the moment I saw this bag in FURLA store. The bag itself is made of rubber. The colour is red  which is perfect for dull winter ;) I adore this bag as it is very easy and light to carry. It looks quite small but trust me you can fit so many things inside cos the bag is very spacious. It has got cute padlock with F engraved on the side. I also bought a cute key ring with mini candy bag but I gave that to my cousin. Together with key ring (35 euros) and the bag (176 euros) it cost 211 euros.  Best thing about this bag is that it comes in different colour (rainbow colours) and is suitable for every outfit. Gonna brighten up depressing winter with my bright FURLA Candy Bag. Yay!!

Photobucket Photobucket
How could anyone resist this gorgeous bags? 


  1. Anonymous9/07/2011

    I want one too. Beautiful you and your candy bag

  2. You should defo get one..you'll love this bag and the colour is so Yum ;) thanks for the comments xx

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