6 September 2011

3 Days and 3 Outfits in Paris

Went to Paris for short holiday after my fashion show. It was my first time in Paris and I fell in love with this beautiful city. I only carried 3 outfits as I didn't wanted to carry heavy suitcase. Normally, I over pack my suitcase but this time I managed not to over pack. Yay!!

What I like about Paris it is so much more bigger than London full of places to visit from museum to beautiful architectural buildings which will inspire people.The other best thing is the Metro (underground tube) is much spacious and the roads were very big. I also found Paris safe as there we lots of police and army around especially in tourist area which made me feel safe. Now, the dislike bit ;) The thing I didn't like about Paris is that they hardly speak English, food and shopping was expensive. Overall, it met my expectations. Enjoy the pictures :D

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1st Outfit
New Look Top, Primark Maxi Skirt and Flats

2nd Outfit 
Topshop Top, Primark Shorts, New Look Lace Socks with Primark Shoes

3rd Outfit
Internacionale Top, River Island Mid Length Skirt, H&M Sunglasses

 For more pictures visit Fashionbeautybug's facebook page.


  1. it's awesome...saw u in living mag...loves ur sense of style....and i brought the same orange maxi skirt frm fmirror but dint know how to team it up coz tht made me look fat....anyways it loks gr8 on you.....cheersss....btw how do i follow u i dint see any follow button...hope u follow me too;;;;:p


  2. Hi there..thank you so much for your lovely comments..I am sure that maxi skirt will look lovely on you as you have great body..I just saw your blog and love it..You can follow me by just clicking on network blogs link where it says follow..Also let me know how do i follow you cos i didn't see any button LOL..I'll defo follow you..Do keep in touch xx

  3. Anonymous1/02/2012

    fashion tah dammmi cha tara foundation ko kammi cha!!!

  4. Ha ha ha thanks for the comments. I don't use makeup very much. On top of that when I went to Paris it was too hot so decided not to wear make-up cos I was sweating a lot. Wearing make-up would have made it more worse for sure ;)

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