8 August 2011

Winchester Fashion Week

I love going to fashion shows and last month in July 29th I went to Winchester Fashion Week. I was invited by one of the fashion student, Arati Limbu of Winchester school of Art who is also a fashion blogger (rtlabung.blogspot.com). Well, this was the first time Winchester had held this fashion week which lasted for three days. It wasn't as good as other fashion shows but given the fact it was their first time I was pretty impressed. The famous designer Mark Fast clothes were also showcased who is known for his dedication to perfecting the art of knitwear. They also gave opportunity to local retailers to showcase their clothes which was quite good. Arati's designs were also shown in the show.Very Interesting :)


Dress above has been designed by Arati Limbu. She had few more outfits which you can see in fashionbeautybug's facebook page :)

Arati and me after the show :D
P.S. For more pictures please check fashionbeautybug's facebook page...Cheerio 


  1. love the maxi dress plus the jacket. girl yet tough. loved all the post. shall we follow eachother?

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