8 June 2011

Mesmerised by GFW 2011 (Graduate Fashion Week)

GFW was better than LFW in my opinion. It was just simply "wow".
The catwalk was longer than I expected. It was nearly one hour long.I saw UCA Rochester graduate's designs and most of designs were amazing while some felt bit weird.
I would definitely recommend people to go there.

There were various university's stalls who offers fashion design course and they had designs portfolio, mannequin with fashion design student's clothes and information about their university. They also allowed me to take pictures when asked. I think GFW can be very helpful and motivating for inspiring fashion designers.

Most of the designs were in bright colours even the men's clothing. 
This spring/summer has been all about bold and brighter colours. Bold and bright colours dominated the runway. However, there were some neutral colours as well . 

I loved the colour and found this outfit quite interesting but I got no idea why it was worn this way. Fashion can get defo weird at times LOL. 
My god this model walked well even though her face was covered. I guess it was transparent. 


Flower top -  Internacionale, Mid length skirt and Heels - River Island and Bag - Vintage

This is what I wore in GFW. I actually bought this skirt and heels online on sunday before 1 pm from River Island and got it delivered monday. I was very impressed with River Island's delivery. Their delivery time was between 7 am - 7pm but I got my delivery around 12. They saved my life. If they had been delivered late then I don't know what I would have worn on monday, the day I was supposed to go to GFW. I can be lastminute.com at times LOL ;)

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  1. Anonymous6/15/2011

    did u by chance see the winchester school of art exhibitior?

    Also any updates on the designers and garments for the show u holdin? I can contribute a few garments if necessary.


  2. Hi there...Can u mail me your contact number in my email fashionbeautybug@hotmail.co.uk. thanks. will talk about this. cheers

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