19 June 2011

Bargain Hunt

I found a place in London where people especially fashion designers can buy stuffs from buttons, needles, threads to textiles. The place is called UPTON Park where they have a market every  tuesday, thrusday, friday and saturday. The best thing about the market is you can bargain and you can find almost most of the stuffs you need. I bought heart headed pins, cute rose, hair pins and lace for £4.80. I was pleased with the bargain :)


  1. Sarita where is this place, please tell me I want to go and get some stuffs for myself as I need affordable things to experiment on my dresses :)

  2. Amir this place is in London. Its called Upton Park. You need to take district line tube which will take you straight to Upton Park station and this place is just near the station. You can look for HSBC bank if you not sure how to find the place cos its just opposite to HSBC bank. Hope this helps <3

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