26 May 2011

The Show

I am organising a fashion show together with "THE SIGNATUREE CREW" on August 20th, 2011 which incorporates live performances
and afterparty.
The main aim of the show is to promote and provide platform for the young designers
and local Nepalese retailers.

The place where it is being held is CORONET in London (Elephant and Castle). The venue can fit 2000
people in one floor which is perfect for fashion show. It has proper dressing room and
the lightning in the stage is amazing.

The stage

DJ Booth

Our first flyer

The venue is just five minutes away from the station which makes it easier to find the venue for the people
who have never been to the venue before.

Please do come and support us.

Name of the designers, performers, models and retailers name will be published soon.

Hope to see you all there on August 20th, 2011. Cheerio