23 March 2011

Fitting Rooms Surgery..Are They Fit Enough?

 I wonder how many people actually care and notice things about the fitting rooms in the clothing stores.
I do take a notice which might sound bit weird but I will give you the reason very soon, some proof, both good and bad experiences. Since, I love to shop you can imagine the amount of fitting rooms I have already visited :P

Some of the shops have awful fitting rooms. I don't understand why clothing stores do not care about their fitting rooms. Some of the shops fitting rooms floor are very dirty, mirrors are also dirty that you can hardly see yourself, no hooks to hang your clothes and not to forget bad lighting.

Ewww look at the dirty floor of topshop..I put their hanger on the floor to prove it is Topshop's fitting room...How clever lol :D

Would you be comfortable to use that fitting room? I don't think many would be comfortable :(  Totally awful.
The reason why fitting room matters to me is I hardly buy clothes without trying.
When I see bad fitting rooms it just discourages me from trying clothes and buying from
the retailer that day.

Topshop - the ultimate fashion fix it says but instead of fixing our fashion sense it is high time they start fixing their fitting rooms first.

New Look was much better than topshop. There are few things lying around in the corners. Still not as bad as Topshop.

New Look's Fitting Room - Wish they had a long wooden seats like Primark have got instead of small seats cos New Look has about two hooks to hang the clothes
which is not enough when
you have your own clothes and bags and the clothes you want to try :(

When you have good brands like Topshop's fitting room in horrible state what can
you expect from the cheap brands such as Primark.
Topshop charge highly than other high street shops for one piece of clothing. I am sure they have plenty of money to invest and keep their fitting rooms tidy.
I wonder what Topshop's boss Sir Philip Green has to say about their
fitting rooms.

I hope the suitation of the fitting room improves all over the high street shops. The importance of fitting rooms should never be under estimated as most of the people
do not buy clothes without trying them.

P.S. May be we all girlies should start fitting rooms campaign to make the retailers improve the state of fitting rooms ;)

Enjoy the spring and the sunshine. Please feel free to share your experience about fitting rooms. Cheerio!!


  1. the nicest fitting rooms with wide space and seated area and mirrors has got to be next and peacocks! peacocks even got changing rooms for disabled people in folkestone!

  2. I agree with you. Its been ages I haven't been to peacoks and next but I do remember now they have got good fitting rooms. Wow, disable fitting rooms for disabled people. I have never seen one. But it is great idea. Hope the big retailers do disabled fitting rooms too. T.y for the comments xxx

  3. Anonymous3/24/2011

    once i went into this store and there wasnt any changing room..i was like wth..and left the store Furious! lols

  4. WTH no fitting rooms at all. That is so bad. I wonder which shop it is. How can they imagine people buying clothes without trying it? Good lord they really need to give importance to fitting rooms.Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. That all about fashion nothing else. Nice article. Thanks for sharing your lovely experience.
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  6. Thank you for the comments :)

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