5 February 2011

Yay, Sumina's First Post :D

It’s been 5th day of procrastination from almost everything (except life). And I'm almost six days away from attending New York Fashion Week and here I sit amid a pile of clothes that make no sense at all. Mero bhaasaama (in my language) all of these clothes are ghar basney luga( clothes that are apt while staying at home).


But then as I rummage through my suitcase, I find these two pairs of pretty buttons, which I had removed from my newly stitched coat. They are really pretty but they looked too incongruous in my coat. At the moment of removal, I didn’t know what to do with them so had just cornered them in my jewelry box. I usually save such stuffs—I like collecting buttons, ribbons and literally speaking --all the waste. Generally I tend to use them in future. Me (I) believe in the concept of reuse and recycle…

Recycled earrings

So finally, I get one thing that I can take to the Fashion Week—those two pairs of buttons that I can wear as my earrings. Back home, I usually get scolded for cutting my clothes so that I can wear it in my own way. I am well known for tearing off buttons from one cloth and sewing them in another. At times I make a complete mess out of it. Other times I get lucky. :) And this is one of those times, where I got lucky. Pheww…

Coming back to these pretty little things--one of the pairs is made of woolen fabric and is in herringbone print, the other pair is made out of Japanese silk and is in two different prints. The later one is dreamy, like a cloud…

Me with another pair of earrings :)

I would like to thank Kunal dai for taking me to Wonder Fabrics and Linen Club, where I found out those textiles. And after much mulling, I decided to go for the Japanese silk from Wonder Fabrics that Kunal dai had recommended me to use as an inner lining for the coat. And Thanks to the designer, who made me an extra pair of buttons from both fabrics. Best part—both of them suit me (at least that is what I believe in).


Note: Of late I have started feeling that everything in this life has a purpose and those buttons found a purpose this very day. But I am searching for good fasteners to hold them really tight. So wish me luck.

P.S Muri Muri dhanyabad (thanks ) to Sarita of http://fashionbeautybug.blogspot.com/ for adding me as her blog's contributor. Much appreciated. Keep blogging!!!

With love Sumina xx