8 February 2011

My Fav - YSL and Ralph Lauren. What's yours?

I love smelling good LOL. Yes, I do and the perfume are the best invention ever to make us smell like million dollars :) I have to list of perfume I love. However, two of my fav are YSL "Parisienne" and Ralph Lauren "Romance". The scent is sweet and refreshing. YSL scent last throughout the day and even after couple of days too which is even better cos half of the time perfume doesn't last for days, some not even for hours. Ralph Lauren, sadly only last for couple of hours :( even though I love the smell. I was wearing Ralph Lauren at work and one of the customer said "You smell nice". I joked to them saying "its not me, its actually Ralph Lauren perfume" LOL :D

I don't like strong smell and nethier spicy kinda smell. Strong smell perfumes makes me think like I am wearing men's perfume LOL and I guess people would defo think that too if the scent is too strong. One of the example of this is Kylie's first perfume. The bottle was great but sadly smell was kinda weird i.e strong and spicy kinda smell.

Other perfume I love is Marc Jacobs Daisy and Armani Code. Need to buy Armani code cos its already finished.  These are my fav. What's yours?


  1. Anonymous2/09/2011

    Gucci Guilty and Versace Bright Crystal! <3

  2. T.y for sharing. I am defo gonna try Versace Bright crystal cos lot of ppl have been saying its really nice :)

  3. Anonymous2/15/2011

    Sista..the smell is not strong at all, I have 1 but i dont like it...

  4. OK..I'll try it and if i like it then i'll get one :)

  5. Anonymous2/23/2011

    I love Givenchy Ange Ou Demon' my favourite ....
    my bestie got it on my birthday like 2 years ago and after that i only use that lol...
    Oh not to forget Hugo deep Red...these are always on the stock lol.....


  6. I like ur perfume choice :) Yes, Hugo Boss deep red is very good.Love the smell. My friend gave it to me on my birthday. totally forgot to mention about Hugo Boss. Thank you for sharing

  7. Anonymous2/28/2011

    I quite like deep dark strong smell.... alwys makes ur smell stand out in da crowd... I love CHANEL chance, coco madamoiselle... GUCCI rush is quite strong n nice... ELIZABETH ARDEN's red door reminds me of ma mum in her youth... these r sum of ma all time fav n they last an awful long time n smells even better when it starts 2 fade in ur body..umm love it!!! And if ur into fruity summery, light smell KENZO has 2 lovely variaties... DIOR's j'adore is not bad either.... Overall i luv various ranges of smells but i have 2 say no smell can beat CHANEL..... Ur smell is ur signature n therefore u have 2 research befoer sayin YEAH that's ma smell... I wud say try them n u'll find out where u click wid ur best smell.... But again dats only ma point of view so i' shall leave it 2 da expert (Sarita) 2 either agree or disagree wid me..

  8. Totally agree with you. I like when you said "Your smell is your Signature". I love that line u wrote. Thanks for taking time to comment :)

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