28 February 2011

London Fashion Week

The much awaited LFW was offically here and I chose to go on the very last day (27th feb, 2011).
I was very excited when the day finally came.
I even managed to wake up early than I normally do. See how excited I was ;)
The morning was bright and sunny. So, I was expecting bright day and
thought that the weather forecast was wrong as it clearly said night before
that it will rain.
Sadly, it rained during the day. They were right and I was wrong :(

The clothes I wore I decided that same morning. This is the first time I had been so unorganised.
I went to station to catch my train and soon to my disbelief I found that there were
no trains to London. Great. I had to go to another
place to catch my train which was so crowded like in peak hours.

Because of the train I was late for the catwalk show for nearly 20 mins
and when I reached LFW, they advised me to see the catwalk at  3 pm 
as there was 10 mins left for the catwalk to finish. At 3 pm we went
to see the catwalk which lasted for 15 mins.

 With Bestie Jan 

With Amir Gurung

I enjoyed the catwalk especially the hairstyle of the models and their outfits but I wished it was longer.