18 February 2011


You already know how much I like to shop. However, being students it is hard to shop every month these days :( 
Student =Skint
This summer I am defo going to hit PRIMARK for sure. Have u guys seen their new summer/spring '11 clothes? I am very impressed.
The clothes are like "WOW" and it won't break my bank too :D
This time around I love the clothes. They have defo designed  very well
and also they have kept in mind their target customers.
The clothes are from Vintage A line skirt, flared trousers to long pleated skirt. It looks like TOPSHOP clothes seriously.
Yes, I can't wait to hit PRIMARK.


  1. I compeletly agree with you as a student myself it is so hard to shop alot. So, thanks to primark that it is always there for me. So, summer 2011. Primark here I come :D

  2. Awww Amir.. You are so cute..I am so skint..I have to think twice before I shop these days. I hope next year i'll be able to shop more when i start working full-time. Yes, u should defo go to primark but have to be very choosy as you know not all of their stuffs are great. For primark is life saver lol

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