26 January 2011

Exploring Beauty in my own terms

How do you define beauty? How can you label someone is beautiful? Confused? There is no actual guidebook to define it and I believe that it truly depends on one’s perception. Trust me, like you I also do not have proper definition of beauty. However, I perceive everyone is beautiful in their own way. We, human beings like to label if someone is beautiful or ugly. Oh yes, we do.  In addition, we have our own mindset of labelling beautiful and ugly. I would like to enquire people “How do you label it?” who find labelling someone beautiful or ugly is an easy task. I did extensive research prior to writing this article and discovered beauty was expressed as something pleasurable whilst ugly is unpleasant and offensive to the mind. This finding does not provide me the answers I am looking for.

Can we label "beast" as beauty and  "beauty" as beast (ugly)?

In today’s context we all are obsessed with this word “beauty” and presume that beauty is about having clear complexion, perfect body, perfect nose, high cheekbones and there are list of things we have in our so called “beauty list”.
We splurge more time and money in order to enhance our beauty.
We are so engrossed on enhancing our beauty that sometimes we forget who we are and attempt to become someone else who we are not.
I blame this on fashion magazines which make us think we should look flawless like the model in the magazine. Have you ever seen a picture of model having bad hair day in these types of magazines apart from gossips magazines? As a result, we think it is not acceptable to have a bad hair day.
However, we totally forget that those pictures have been edited (retouched) and it is their marketing strategy to sell their magazines like hot cakes. No human being in this earth can be that flawless.

Should we just count external appearance as beauty?

Fashion magazines and even the child story books are sending wrong message across to younger generations about beauty, it makes us more insecure and changes the way we see ourselves. It is stereotyping the word "beauty" by just counting the external appearance of people. We sometimes end up asking ourselves “who am I” and “why do I look ugly” at times. I wish human beings have never created this word “ugly”. If this word had never existed, then every individual in this planet would have been considered beautiful.

In my opinion, we should actually perceive that everybody is beautiful in their own way and respect each other. We should see beauty beyond man made barriers and stereotyping. We should understand that it is acceptable to have bad hair day and no one in this world is 100% perfect. We should celebrate beauty as "who we are" and "what we are" instead of just giving priority on "how we look" (our apperance). We all are beautiful and we should not be ashamed of who we are.
I hope this will help us to see "beauty" from different angle and encourage us to respect people as individuals.


  1. Anonymous1/26/2011

    Nice post :-)

  2. I love ur thought..
    keep up ur gd work !!