2 December 2010

White Britain

Winter is finally here and we had early snow this year. It is actually very early.
Normally, we used to have snow in Jan or Feb but this year we had
snow in November :(
I guess we are definitely gonna have white christmas this year. I love white christmas cos it makes me feel like that is a real christmas :)

In a way, it is good we can take loads of pictures, play snow and get time off from work :P
However, if you have to travel it is a nightmare.
It is so hard to walk cos I get paranoid I might slip and hurt myself. It is also hard to drive and transport facility is poor because of snow :(
Also it is freezing cold. Had to turn heating up for whole day and night.

Today, I did not go to Uni cos of snow. So, instead I spend my time taking some pictures.
Hope you enjoy this pictures though it is not great pictures.

 Playing Snow :D

 Jumping with Joy...

 Strike a pose LOL

My back garden

Making a love sign...I love all my blog readers <3 <3

Enjoy winter and don't forget to keep yourself warm. Cheerio!!


  1. Anonymous12/02/2010

    Really nice photos!! looking good,

  2. it looks fun sarita!! love ur blog!! its an inspiration really/.. esp to our Nepalese society!! thumbs to wat u have been feeding us :) hope u are ready for snow fight as i might land south any day around x-mas!!


  3. Awww Dibya...Thank you so much for the lovely comments :D If you coming down to south let me know and yes, we can have fun together in the snow

    Also thank you to Anonymous for the comments :)

  4. Anonymous12/05/2010

    Keep up da gud work Sarita. Luv ur blog. Hopefully I will b in ur blog sum day. :) Stay warm

  5. Anonymous12/06/2010

    Totally agree with Dibya. You are indeed an inspiration and a bundle of talent. You make us proud Sarita and overwhelmed by your achievements. Wish u more success...

  6. Awww thank you so much to both of you for the lovely comments...I really appreciate it and it made my day...What more can I ask for? I just need supportive and lovely people like u guys...Thank you once again :D