29 December 2010

Money Saving Spa Deals!!

I love spa. I love pampering myself, my body and having "ME TIME"
If someone ask me whether I would love to go clubbing or spa then I would
definitely choose spa cos
it is so relaxing and you get that amazing feeling afterwards. Ahhhhhhhhh :)

For best spa deals, I would recommend people to go to lastminute.com where you would find amazing deals.
I bought spa vouchers for £25 which had six treatments included. Yes, you read it right.
£25, amazing in it?
You all know how expensive spa is in UK and I was pleased to bag such a good bargain.
You can call me bargain queen LOL ;)
I had never bought any spa vouchers from lastminute.com before.
Also, when I saw that deal I had feeling that the spa might not be great cos the deal was so cheap.
But when I went there I was totally wrong.
I enjoyed my time there, staff were amazing, the treatment was so relaxing and the spa was very posh.

Spa Treatment Rooms of O Spa London

O Spa London was the place where I went for my spa treatment. It is located in New Bond street, London. I had exotic treat package which lasted for 75 mins. The package included balinese hand massage, refresh facial, catalonian therapeutic mud soak, foot and ankle massage, ancient stone massage and hasta-abhyanaga.  I was told the original price was £135. All the products they use are organic.

Spa treatment rooms of O Spa London
The spa treatment was done by very friendly women. Before the treatment was done, I was given a questionaire to fill to understand if I had any skin allergies/problems and lot of questions was about health.
The fact that I liked about the treatment was the staff clearly said what the treatment was and which treatment she was going to do first.
She also asked if the pressure was alright when massaging,  if the room was warm enough for me and also the stone used for massage was alright etc.
The spa treatment room was very quiet even though the spa is located in very busy high street.
When I was having those treatment I was so relaxed and stress free.
I could feel my mind, body and soul free and all relaxed.
I felt like I was totally out of this world in a very peaceful place where there was no stress and no pain.
Amazing experience.

After the treatment, I was given options to either have herbal tea or water. I was so pleased with the treatment. Each treatment was taken time to be done. The staff did not rush while doing treatment. I felt like a valued customer as the customer service was very good.
After spa, my whole body was so light and relaxed.
I felt like MILLION DOLLARS :)
I would definitely go to that spa again and do more treatment.


It was totally worth it.  Brilliant treatment. I would recommend this place to everyone and also the lastminute.com. Start clicking guys, save some money and have amazing time :D
Hope this was very useful for you. Goodluck.

I wanted to take some pictures from that place but when i asked them I was told they do not allow
to take the picture inside. Somehow i cheekily managed to take pic of spa rooms ;)



  1. Anonymous12/30/2010

    Omg what a bargain. Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to get myself a spa treat. I have always wanted to do spa but it was too expensive. I have to say you are very good at finding bargains.

  2. Aww thank you. I love sharing best bargains with people. Will update again if i find any good deals/bargains :)

  3. no joke but i am absolutely heading off to this place soon because i have been looking for a cheap spa deal to give as presents and the cheapest ones ive found are 35quid for a back massage!

  4. Hi hun..This spa is not too expensive. I thought it would be expensive as it is in such a posh area of london but however, lot of treatments are cheaper. I hope you'll enjoy the experience like i did :D

  5. This way you will remove the accumulated stress, feel better and ready for the new challenges of life. You can feel the benefits of the spa services during all seasons, especially in winter when the cold weather causes havoc on skin, leaving it dry and cracked.

  6. Thank you leaving the comments xx