20 November 2010

My Love For Fashion and Beauty!!

I love fashion and also beauty stuffs. The love affair with fashion and beauty started at a very early age. I can't remember exact age or date which is unfortunate. However, I know how it started :D
We used to go around to my aunt's place quite a lot when I was quite small. They used to have stacks of english comics called "Betty and Veronica" published by Archie comics.  
I don't know how many people actually knows about  "Betty and Veronica" comics these days. Probably, not many I guess.
Everytime I used to visit my aunt, I used to borrow that comics from  her, who was I guess in her teens at that time.

I loved how fashionable the characters were and little did I knew at that tender age those comics would inspire me into the fashion and beauty world slowly in the future. It also inspired me to read novels and books.
 The first novel I read in my life was "Nancy Drew" and I read that when I was studying in grade 6. After that I became bit of bookworm too.
I used to make quite simillar clothes which betty and veronica wore in the comics for the paper doll I made myself. I used to have proper doll as well but what I loved about the paper doll was the fact that I could design and dress them up in different paper clothes everyday and make them look glamorous.
I wonder how many people knows about paper doll :P

As I strated to grow up, my elder sister started to inspire me a lot in this area. She used to bring a lot of
fashion magazines. I loved the whole fashion scene in the magazines from clothes to the perfect and amazing pictures. No wonder I buy loads of magazines every month.
She introduced me to loads of make-up stuffs and she used to help me with make-up too.
Sometimes, I miss her so much. Wish we could go back in time again :(
I loved how she used to do my make-up and the fact I didn't even have to do anything apart from just sitting in the chair :D

LOL...Read their conversations

People might think I might be very high-maintenance as I write a blog and do tutorials. But I am actually not.
I am quite comfortable not wearing any make up at all.
Half of the times if you meet me, I won't be wearing
Sometimes, I just do black eyeliner or brown pencil for my eyes and I am ready to go out. I only wear make-up if I am going clubbing, parties or on special occasions.
I often forget to take my make-up off at the end of the evening. I wonder how many people actually do that LOL.

I love blogging and doing v-blogging. It is my hobby and passion which I love.
I have to admit that since blogging I have met amazing people and I am thankful to all of them for their love and support.

I get criticism too. I guess everybody is entitled to their own opinion. There is a saying "there are two sides of coins"
Likewise I guess people will always have two types of opinion, either good or bad.
Noone can make everyone happy or please everyone.
This is what I love to do as my hobby apart from reading books and studying for my Master's. So, no matter what people say I'll just keep my head up, smile and do what i love to do :D

P.S. Sorry, it became bit lengthy...Thank you for taking time to read xx


  1. Anonymous11/20/2010

    Awwwwww it's been nice reading from you;) and to learn
    How u were inspired in this fashion world!
    Well., not everybody has a sense of fashion and you must
    B very lucky to have the eye for fashion! I went
    To a babyshower today and I saw a lady wearing a lovely
    Black dress n it remind me of u:) I really like your style and u
    Pull everything u wear so well! It can b a simple
    Jean and top but the way u wear it make it all! I must
    Admit that not everybody has good taste and I see
    You as really talented! Y didn't u become a fashion designer???
    If u buy really good stuff, having the ideas and all , I'm sure u would
    Design good stuff too!!!
    I reckon u not a makeup person but you look so nice
    With it too!!:)
    Anyway I'm typing from ma iPhone! And will continue later!
    Aww! R u missing ur sis??? Kall her!

  2. Thank you very much indeed for taking time to leave such a lovely comment esp from your iphone...I know how annoying it can be to type such a long comment in the phone :) I am just so overwhelmed by your comments...I don't know what to say really..I love fashion but i never thought of becoming designer...I don't know why...I guess I was more interested in the management side of the business...Therefore, I am now doing my master's in Human Resource Management..But thank you so much for the lovely comments...It made my day..

    I just spoke with my sister...She actually called me...I was pleased to speak with her after ages...I would have loved to know your name...Hope u'll leave ur name next time...Once again thank you for taking time to read my blog and for commenting...People like you keep me going and I am glad you are there for me..I am greatful for that xx

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