31 October 2010

Amazing Healthy Hair With Lolan

I came across this amazing hair product when I was on holiday in Nepal. I absolutely love it and it does wonders to my hair. I am a huge fan of hair treatment as they nourish and give that extra shine needed for the hair . I believe as much as we pamper ourselves it is important to pamper our your hair  too cos at the end of the day your hair will appear how you have cared.

Huge jar for £3...Not bad..

Lolane is originally made in Thailand. The jar has got description on both thai and english language. So, if you don't have exotic language skills like me then you can read the description in english.
 If english was not universal language then we would be definitely having problem here reading the descritpion. Thank god for that :D

What I love the most is the fact that the jar is huge. The one I got  is 500 grams and it only cost me about £3. That's a saving I would say for that big jar . Totally, worth it. Now, I am being bit greedy here and just considering on the big jar ;)
But trust me the product itself works so well for your hair as promised.

I apply this treatment after shampoo and conditioner and leave it for about 15-20 mins. I know, I know 15 mins can be very long but if you want best results that's the timescales for the hair treatments to be left on your hair. Meanwhile, you can always do listen to songs and read magazines to kill that time :D

Hair treatment in three different jars for different types of hair...I use for dry and damaged hair

Most of the hair treatment recommend that you use their own shampoo and condition for better result. However, this is striclty marketing strategy of the company to sell their shampoo and conditioners :(
                            I never listen to them cos the shampoo I use at the moment is the best for my hair and also whichever shampoo and conditioner we use the hair treatment does the same job anyway.
 So, I don't see any point in using their own shampoo and conditioner.
I have been doing that for years and it works well even if you don't use the same company's shampoo and conditioner :D

 So, next time if you are going on holiday to Nepal or if someone else is make sure you get this hair treatment. It one of my fav. I always bully my sister to send me some when it's almost finished :)

P.S. If you have used this product before don't forget to leave your comments xx


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