8 October 2010

Impulse Shopping

I love shopping and who doesn't love it? Everybody does. Sometimes, when I go shopping I get bit carried away and buy stuffs which I don't need :(  Damn, it's my impulse to blame. 

I wonder how often other people end up buying stuffs on an impulse and come from shopping trips with purchases that they didn't intend to make. Apparently, impulse buys cost women on average of £1000 a year. I read that in papers. Omg! That's a lot.

I don't know how much I have spent exactly on an impluse shopping. If I had to say amount then I guess I must have spend over £500 a year. I feel bad now after saying that amount :(
Sometimes, I just buy the stuffs just to say that I managed to bag a bargain, regardless of whether I actually need the item, which is really bad :(
 Some of the stuffs I have bought on impulse shopping has been total waste - Waste of money and time both.
 However, sometimes the stuffs you buy from impulse shopping are lot better that non-impulse one :D

From now on, I am gonna promise to myself not to buy anything I don't need at all. I'll think twice before I buy. I'll ask myself  - Is it a need or want?
I'll try to buy stuffs that I need instead of the stuffs I want but I don't need them. I guess that will make my life easier and start saving money towards something better than shopping ;)

Also feel free to share your views on impulse shopping. I would love to hear from you. I would love to meet people who does impulse shopping like me ;)