1 October 2010

High Heels - Curse or blessings?

Every women must have at least one high heels in their closet. Yes, we all love high heels. They makes us look sexy, tall, feminine, stylish and  make the whole outfit look brilliant. I am shoe-acholic and I admit that I have got few high heels in my collection. 

Whoever invented these high heels in the first place must be highly praised for their creativeness. 
They made us obessed with them and now we spend more money on them every year. High heels, in my opinion, are blessing. They make short people like me look taller as it adds on that extra inch that I failed to gain naturally :D and the whole outfit looks totally different when you are wearing high heels. High heels are absoutely lush.

My collection of High heels

Sometimes, when I had to wear them for hours I feel like they are a curse :( 
It hurts my feet and gives me blisters which can last for one to two days (depends how bad it is)
Then, I remember the quote " No pain, No gain"
So, that is the price we are paying in order to look fab in our high heels. 
However, we girls always manage to pull off quite good by pretending that it doesn't hurt at all and faking it with big smile ;)

Skyscrapers heels...Not sure!!

Talking about high heels, I have to admit that I can't do skyscraper heels which measures eye-watering five inches.
Ofcourse, celebs who are donning those heels like Victoria Beckham doesn't have to drive, take public transport or walk like us. 
I admire people who can wear them though. Wish I could as well but unlike celebs I am normal girl who have to walk miles, drive and also run sometimes when I am running late for work and bus. I can do normal high heels but not skyscrapers.
I don't think I want to abuse my feet with them. I am just happy with my normal high heels.

At the end of the day, no matter how much it hurts our poor feet we just love high heels...No matter how much the science and magazines scream out about the downside of wearing them for health issues  it won't put us off...We just love them...They are one of the best creation for us...

High Heels = Blessings :D


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