26 September 2010

It's LRD Darling!!

LBD - Little Black Dress (Yes, I have got one in my Closet. Hold on, actually I got three :D ) 
LRD - Little Red Dress (No, Never had any red dressed in my Closet)

I think it is the time now I get myself LRD.  So, finally, with all the guts, I bought one and wore on Saturday when I went out clubbing  :D

Check out who is wearing LRD at last!!
 After wearing LRD, I am now tempted to buy some more clothes in red . Red is such a bold colour and it used to scare me. I always thought I won't be able to pull off  and do justice to the colour. But now I am defo thinking to make my wardrobe colorful by adding some red .

On Parcha's red carpet event...Had a Fab Fab night!!

I bought this gorgeous one shoulder bodycon red dress from ASOS. I love ASOS and have to say they do amazing dresses. I buy most of my dresses from them. The size is perfect, the dress itself and the quality. So, what more can I ask for?
 I have bought lots of stuffs from them before and I have never had to return stuffs back to them. I must be the most satisfied customer of ASOS :D

After a years and years of having nothing red in my closet now I am a proud owner of red dress :) Sounds Pathetic, in it? Nevermind, red is defo gonna be in my wardrobe from now on. 

Red For Me is - Sexy, Bold, Attractive and Statement Colour XoXoXo


  1. I love the red dress...looks pretty