18 September 2010

Going GAGA over Primark and Poundshop

I love bargain and who wouldn't love it? I think everybody would.
 Recently, I have been looking for bargains a lot cos I am going to University soon so I have to save up :D

I have been hunting down the high street most of the time during my lunch time. Seriously lunch time? You might be thinking that ;) 

I went to Primark this week and bought couple of cheap clothes and shoes. Also, couple of months ago I visited Poundland (pound shop) and bought some good stuffs for hair and makeup. So, today I am gonna show you my money saving cheap shopping spree I did few days ago and motivate you guys too.

 Knitted Cardigan to keep me warm in winter...Got short sleeve...Bought for £17

 Love the bow and the little studs ...Cost £12

 Ankle boots ...Love the colour and the belt with studs...Cost £15

Never bought shoes this cheap in my whole life ...Cost £2...Was on sale 

 £1 for 30 elastic bands...oooooo I got it ...

To save myself from rainy days ....£4...Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh

 Make-up sponge for £1..Whoop Whoop..

Bought this scissor and thinning for £1...Thinning  scissors decided to get lost....Can't find it at the mo :(

400 hair pins for £1....Would die for this cos you all know how important this is for me ;)

Bargain doesn't mean I pick up cheap things straight away. I am bit choosy ;)
I know, I know cheap stuffs don't have good quality like expensive ones. But, out of cheap stuffs if you choose carefully then you'll manage to get some good quality ones. Trust me :)

I feel proud that I managed to save some money...I never used to shop in Poundland and not much in Primark either. But now I might go there often cos I am going to be skint soon after I start my Uni. Oh, Happy Days!!
P.S.  Can't afford Armani so its all the way to Primani



  1. Anonymous9/19/2010

    love your cardigan. i am going to go to primark and poundshop. thanks for this xx

  2. You are welcome xxx