26 September 2010

It's LRD Darling!!

LBD - Little Black Dress (Yes, I have got one in my Closet. Hold on, actually I got three :D ) 
LRD - Little Red Dress (No, Never had any red dressed in my Closet)

I think it is the time now I get myself LRD.  So, finally, with all the guts, I bought one and wore on Saturday when I went out clubbing  :D

Check out who is wearing LRD at last!!
 After wearing LRD, I am now tempted to buy some more clothes in red . Red is such a bold colour and it used to scare me. I always thought I won't be able to pull off  and do justice to the colour. But now I am defo thinking to make my wardrobe colorful by adding some red .

On Parcha's red carpet event...Had a Fab Fab night!!

I bought this gorgeous one shoulder bodycon red dress from ASOS. I love ASOS and have to say they do amazing dresses. I buy most of my dresses from them. The size is perfect, the dress itself and the quality. So, what more can I ask for?
 I have bought lots of stuffs from them before and I have never had to return stuffs back to them. I must be the most satisfied customer of ASOS :D

After a years and years of having nothing red in my closet now I am a proud owner of red dress :) Sounds Pathetic, in it? Nevermind, red is defo gonna be in my wardrobe from now on. 

Red For Me is - Sexy, Bold, Attractive and Statement Colour XoXoXo

18 September 2010

Going GAGA over Primark and Poundshop

I love bargain and who wouldn't love it? I think everybody would.
 Recently, I have been looking for bargains a lot cos I am going to University soon so I have to save up :D

I have been hunting down the high street most of the time during my lunch time. Seriously lunch time? You might be thinking that ;) 

I went to Primark this week and bought couple of cheap clothes and shoes. Also, couple of months ago I visited Poundland (pound shop) and bought some good stuffs for hair and makeup. So, today I am gonna show you my money saving cheap shopping spree I did few days ago and motivate you guys too.

 Knitted Cardigan to keep me warm in winter...Got short sleeve...Bought for £17

 Love the bow and the little studs ...Cost £12

 Ankle boots ...Love the colour and the belt with studs...Cost £15

Never bought shoes this cheap in my whole life ...Cost £2...Was on sale 

 £1 for 30 elastic bands...oooooo I got it ...

To save myself from rainy days ....£4...Umbrella Ella Ella Eh Eh

 Make-up sponge for £1..Whoop Whoop..

Bought this scissor and thinning for £1...Thinning  scissors decided to get lost....Can't find it at the mo :(

400 hair pins for £1....Would die for this cos you all know how important this is for me ;)

Bargain doesn't mean I pick up cheap things straight away. I am bit choosy ;)
I know, I know cheap stuffs don't have good quality like expensive ones. But, out of cheap stuffs if you choose carefully then you'll manage to get some good quality ones. Trust me :)

I feel proud that I managed to save some money...I never used to shop in Poundland and not much in Primark either. But now I might go there often cos I am going to be skint soon after I start my Uni. Oh, Happy Days!!
P.S.  Can't afford Armani so its all the way to Primani


4 September 2010

Clog-ging Instead of Blog-ging

I  said to myself that I would never wear clogs as it did not appeal to me at all but now I quite like them. I know that some people actually perceive they look ugly but for me it stands out from the rest of the shoes because of its unique and edgier style.  Clogs are back in fashion circuit again after rocking the fashion scene in 70s and  80s. We have already seen lots of celebrities donning them this summer.

My Clogs...Can't get enough of them

I have to say that these slip-on shoes are not one of the most comfortable shoes and this depends on which design and style you buy. The one I bought has got strap (pictured above) so they are quite comfortable. Even though it has high heels, the chunky block at the front actually supports and balances the high heels. Also the strap on the side support the high heels as it clutches both heels and feet together firmly. The top bit is made of leather while the bottom part is made out of wood. I prefer clogs with strap because it supports the high heels and does not put much pressure on the front part of your feet. 

If you are confident enough to wear them without strap then I would recommend it. But trust me, it will be quite uncomfortable to walk as the heels are quite high and it will put more pressure on the front part of your feet. Also when you walk you will notice that the back (end) part of the shoes will keep hitting your back part of your feet when you take every single step as there is no strap to hold the end part of the shoes. I have already experienced that before so for me high heels without strap are big no no as I find them very uncomfortable.

Modelling on clogs...Love the design

The best thing about clogs is that they come in different design, styles, colour and it goes with every outfit from dress, jeans to shorts. I bought mine from Miss Prodigy and cost me £30. I have to say it is lot cheaper if you buy them from Miss Prodigy as most of the stores are selling them above £60. Topshop are selling same shoes at £60. So, I am quite pleased that I managed to save some money and I can use that money towards another shoes. Isn't that incredible?

Clogs are bit like Marmite. You either love them or hate them. I actually love mine though. I can't get enough of them at the moment. I have been wearing them most of the time since I bought them.  That's why I am quite busy clogging than blogging at the moment.  I won't be able to wear them in winter as you know how cold this country can be in winter. So, I am gonna wear them till the summer last.

          Caution - Clogs are definitely not for uneven roads. You might end up breaking your legs!!

            " Clogs are all over the fashion scene and its high time you get one too"

Cheerio  XoXoXo