24 August 2010

Need Voluminous Hair?

I found this amazing hair product recently when I went to Sally Hair and Beauty. I am a big fan of beehive and voluminous hair and I love to do them. Normally, I used to tease or backcomb my hair to give that extra volume and when I used to do beehive I used to use lots of  hair pins and used hairspray to make sure it stays in the place. Since, I have found this product I just use this leave-in inserts which works amazingly and does not even look like you have used inserts clips to get that extra volume needed for your hair or to create beehive.

 Box in which the leave-in inserts comes...very catchy name and also eye catching packaging

This product is from company called Bumpits and it comes in with a three different size inserts from small, medium to large. It also includes teasing comb and a style guide inside. The cover and the style instructions are very clear and also look very girly and cute at the sametime.  The style guide is awesome and gives you idea on how to create different hairstyles. It cost £9.99 which is quite affordable. It also comes in different colour to suit every types of hair. As I have black hair I bought set for dark brown/black hair which  matches to my hair colour perfectly and the hair colour is quoted at the front of the cover.

Style instructions...Simple to understand

This product can be bought from Sally Hair and Beauty. I have not seen this product in any high street drugstores like Boots and Superdrug. It is worth buying this product. You can create different hairstyles with this inserts and change your look time and again. Super easy to use and stay the inserts has got little grips with stays perfectly on the hair.

Three different inserts...Amazing...I can create more hairstyles ;)

I created the beehive using one of the inserts. I used medium one (middle one) in the picture above and got this amazing beehive. I also used hairspray and did not have to tease my hair at all. Thank god for that. It is lot more time saving.


I will do the video soon with this inserts on so don't forget to check fashionbeautybug's youtube channel. 

  "Get a fabulous voluminous hair  from flat hair in seconds"


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