24 August 2010

Need Voluminous Hair?

I found this amazing hair product recently when I went to Sally Hair and Beauty. I am a big fan of beehive and voluminous hair and I love to do them. Normally, I used to tease or backcomb my hair to give that extra volume and when I used to do beehive I used to use lots of  hair pins and used hairspray to make sure it stays in the place. Since, I have found this product I just use this leave-in inserts which works amazingly and does not even look like you have used inserts clips to get that extra volume needed for your hair or to create beehive.

 Box in which the leave-in inserts comes...very catchy name and also eye catching packaging

This product is from company called Bumpits and it comes in with a three different size inserts from small, medium to large. It also includes teasing comb and a style guide inside. The cover and the style instructions are very clear and also look very girly and cute at the sametime.  The style guide is awesome and gives you idea on how to create different hairstyles. It cost £9.99 which is quite affordable. It also comes in different colour to suit every types of hair. As I have black hair I bought set for dark brown/black hair which  matches to my hair colour perfectly and the hair colour is quoted at the front of the cover.

Style instructions...Simple to understand

This product can be bought from Sally Hair and Beauty. I have not seen this product in any high street drugstores like Boots and Superdrug. It is worth buying this product. You can create different hairstyles with this inserts and change your look time and again. Super easy to use and stay the inserts has got little grips with stays perfectly on the hair.

Three different inserts...Amazing...I can create more hairstyles ;)

I created the beehive using one of the inserts. I used medium one (middle one) in the picture above and got this amazing beehive. I also used hairspray and did not have to tease my hair at all. Thank god for that. It is lot more time saving.


I will do the video soon with this inserts on so don't forget to check fashionbeautybug's youtube channel. 

  "Get a fabulous voluminous hair  from flat hair in seconds"

16 August 2010

I Love Pearls

I am a big fan of pearls and I absolutely adore them. Pearls have been highly valued as gemstones and has been objects of beauty and fashion from centuries. Basically, they go well with any outfit and looks classy and feminine.  I like the fact that I can choose from pink, peach to lavendar as it comes with range of colours. Don't get confused thinking white is the only pearl colour.

My Jewellery Holder...I love the design of this holder ...It is cute

Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, queen of vintage style were not often seen without their pearls. Pearls are back again and you can find pearls all over the high street at the moment. It is a great way to create an elegant appearance and evoke the images of fifties glamour.

Some of my collection...Includes Bangles, Earrings and Necklaces...Can't get enough of pearls..

Are you worried about how to wear pearls? One of the hottest trend is to wear a multiple strands of pearls. You can change your look from demure to dramatic by layering on pearls. Mix different pearl sizes and lengths and  layer them. But don't over do it you might end up looking too dramatic. Pearls can work for both day and evening.

Make a chic fashion statement with pearls either day or Night ;)

14 August 2010

Natural Remedies for Hair

If you are suffering from any kind of hair problem then you have come to right place as I am going to give out some natural remedies which will help to strength your hair and give you healthy hair. These are the remedies I use for my hair and does wonders to my hair.

Dandruff Solution - Mix a few drops of rosemary oil with 2 tbsp of olive oil and massage well into the scalp at bedtime. Rinse with shampoo next morning.

Egg Shampoo - Mix two small eggs with 50 g of still mineral water and 1 tbsp of cider vinegar or lemon juice. Blend it in blender for 30 seconds at low speed. Rub well into the scalp and rinse it using lukewarm water. Bear in mind, if the water is any hotter than the egg will start to set so just use lukewarm water.

Hot oil - Any vegetable oil is suitable for conditioning. Heat the oil slightly warm and massage into your scalp. Also massage gently through every part of your hair. Cover your head with plastic shower cap for 20 mins. Shampoo and rinse after that.

Avacado Hair Mask - Avacados are packed with natural oils helps to maintain hair in good condition. This hair mask is ideal for dry to normal hair. Mash the avacado, add any hair oil to the mixture. Apply to your hair beginning at the roots and working towards the ends. cover with shower cap or hot towel and leave it for 25- 30 mins. Shampoo and condition after that.

Cider Vinegar - 2 tbsp of cider vinegar will add gloss and body to any hair colour.

Banana Hair Mask - Mash the banana and mix it with olive oil. Need to mix it very well and apply the mask on your hair. Leave it for 20 mins and rinse afterwards. It will give ice shiny and healthy hair.

These are the natural remedies you can try at home. However, the key to beautiful and healthy hair is your diet too. What you eat is reflected on your hair. You are what you eat so try to look after what you eat. With this natural remedies and balanced diet you will be able to get healthy hair and you won't need to take any supplementry vitamins to promote healthy hair growth.

4 August 2010

Best Buy of July

Summer is flying away so soon. It's already August and time for a quick review of best buy for the month of July. As always I did shopping last month so today I am just picking my best buy's. Among the stuffs I bought I actually love  two of the stuffs I bought. They are my fav at the moment. 

1) Vintage Bag 
Yes, yes, yes, I finally got vintage bag. I love it. I love vintage stuffs. They are very cool but the only one thing I hate is that most of the vintage shops stinks horriable. No offence but it does. However, I still love vintage. I bought this dark brown bag from Portobello, London and it just cost me £18 only. This bag looks quite small but I can still fit so many stuffs inside more than I expected.

Finally got Vintage bag .....I love them!!

2) Office Shoes
I just adore them. They are so comfy and does not hurt my feet at all. I have to admit I am not good at wearing heels. This shoe is not too high and i just love the design. It cost £65 but it's worth it. I just love them.

Fab office shoes ...Worth it!!

Hope you like what I bought last month. If you bought anything nice you are welcome to share either in this blog or in facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashionbeautybug/325331680983