22 July 2010

Need a face scrub that works hard for you?

Do you need a face scrub that does wonders to your skin? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. I am going to review two face scrub today which I have used for ages. One is expensive one  (Clinique) and another one is cheaper one (St Ives). Yes, it is going to be interesting and you will get hooked on it. 

ST IVES Apricot Scrub
I have been using this product for last past 5 years and I love this product. I use this product once every two week and it does a great job. It exfoliates so well and makes my skin feel smooth and clean. It does not irritate sensitive skin which is a big plus point as I have sensitive skin. It does not dry out my skin at all and gives amazing face glow afterwards. Also, this scrub is really affordable (just £4.39) and can be found in any drugstores. They do this scrub for all skin types from sensitive to oily skin. I use sensitive one which has less grains in the scrub as it can be bit too harsh for sensitive skin.

The only cons is this product can be a little rough, if you are not gentle. Also, I would advise people not to use this everyday because of the scrubs sandy like texture it might just be a bit too harsh for your skin.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub 
I have used this product from last year. I am not a big fan of this product and I only use them once in a while. To be honest, I haven't used this product for last three or four months. This scrub is for all skin types  but yet fails to deliver what is has promised which is a glowing skin. It works but not harder like St Ives scrub. This product is expensive as it cost £16.50 and can only be found  in bigger drugstores.

What disappointed me was the fact that  it says it can be used for seven days but if you scrub everyday  then it will make your skin dry and sensitive. Also, it can cause acne and spots to flare up. Scrubs are not meant for everyday use as it can damaged your skin. It's best to do once a week or twice every two weeks. I am glad I didn't use this scrub everyday even though it says it's 7 day scrub cream. After the use it made my skin even more drier. I am so disappointed with this product as it is such a good brand and expensive  that leads us to assume us this product should work better. But I am afraid  buying this product is basically just wasting your money.
St Ives is the best scrub and I am hooked on this scrub for years now and will continue to use till it does wonders to my skin. I dare not stray anymore in search for another scrub. 

Say Hello to baby soft glowing skin with this product !!

13 July 2010

Hard to keep track of your earrings? Not Anymore...

I know how hard it is to keep your earrings in the right place. Half of the time I used to spend more time searching for my earrings than putting make up on. I know its hilarious but it used to drive me mad when I could not find earrings I wanted to wear on that particular day. So, I decided to give them a separate dedicated area for earrings in my room. I came up with the idea of using the notice board for my earrings and  it actually works, trust me.

I even keep my rings and some hair accessories on the board....

I lost the count of how many earrings I have lost before I started using  the board. Also even if you keep your earrings in one place they are all mixed up and gets attached to one another. But with the board you can keep each of them separate and just pick whichever you want to wear. Stick thumbnails to the board  and  place your earrings on the thumbnails hook.  Also don't forget to allow space between the thumbnails because if you don't then while trying to take off earrings you wanted, you might drop the earings  next to it off from the board .

It defenitely saves time as they are not all over the place and  mixed up together. It has made my life so much easier.  If you use the board then it will defenitely make your life easier and you can use that time doing some productive things.

Goodluck and I hope you find this useful. Cherrio!!

11 July 2010

Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls

Avon's Arabian Glow bronzing pearls are amazing and gives you sunkissed healthy glow. I have been using this product from last two years and I absolutely adore this bronzing pearls. I just love the subtle, natural looking sun kissed appearance it gives to your skin. Also, it is a good value for your money without breaking your bank balance.

This pearls comes with a mixture of light to more darker coloured pearls that gives your skin a shimmer and tanned look without being too glittery or dark. If you find this pearls are bit dark for your skin tone then I would suggest that you mix half of this product with illuminating pearls (review on this product has been already donein this blog) which is another bronzer done by Avon. That will give you  peachy sunkissed look which is absolutely fabulous. This product is suitable for all skin types which is even more better.

  Those small bronzing pearls which comes in both darker and lighter colours are fab for sunkissed appearance

This product cost £8.50 and you can buy this online (avonshop.co.uk) or through avon representative. They normally have loads of offers and sale. You can get this product for £5 when there is sale. So, look out for Avon sale if you want to save some money.
Just used this bronzing perals to create an illusion of healthy looking sunkissed skin without even facing the sun. What a perfect way to save your skin from harmful rays of sun and get a sunkissed look with this product!!