28 June 2010

LonDon Clothes Show

London Clothes Show which was held from 25th June to 27th June on Earls court, London left me with mixed feelings. I had a fab time but I had expected quite a lot and I have to say I was disappointed by some of the stuffs in the show. They had loads of clothes, makeup and beauty, photography and heena painting shops. They had style stage, Martini lounge, champange and cocktail bar.

Outside the venue....Earls court, London

The venue was not too far from station. It was easier to find as it was just opposite to train station and also very easy to travel. It's not too far from London waterloo. Also inside it was very big and spacious.That is why they had over 100 shops inside. It was also easier to walk from one stall to another. So, big thumbs up for the venue.

Yes, London is definitely Capital of Fashion

London clothes show live sold two types of tickes i.e; standard  £28 and platinum £40. I bought platinum tickets which promised a goody bag, dedicated front seat at fashion show and fast track access to fashion show. The place where we sat wasn't too far from stage so it was fine but I was so disappointed with the goody bag. All they had inside the bag was bottle of water, chocolate, some mini samples which you can find these days in any fashion magazines. I bet that stuffs inside the bag probably didn't even cost £5. I am not saying they got to have branded stuffs but if we paid so much for tickets then why can't they at least try to put some good stuff which people would be able to use and will be like souvenir.

 My goody Bag but had loads of crappy stuffs inside..so disappointed

The best part of the show was fashion show and dance in the fashion theatre. Models were walking down with autum/winter clothes and dancers performing in between to keep show going on. In my opinion, dance was actually better than the fashion show as it was very creative, lively and energetic. It is nice to see beautiful models walking down the ramp with beautiful clothes but I have to say it can get bit boring if it's just models walking down the stage all the time. I have to say those dancers did lot better jobs than the models as they were trying their best to keep us interested and fill us with excitment and energy.

Models walking down the ramp...

Best part of the show..Fit dancers especially men..girls don't miss out Next year!!

Posing for camera..Doing my thing in red carpet..

Me and My Bestie Jan...We had loads of Fun  

Also I have to say the food they were selling inside wasn't that great. We bought two noodles and it cost us nearly £7 and it was quite small. Two noodles and one coke cost us £16. It was very expensive. It doesn't matter if it is expensive but I was so annoyed it tasted so bad that I couldn't eat at all. You can get full meal or lunch for less than that amount of money outside. I was amazed with that type of food they were selling. Hope they will improve next year. Jan and I had a nice luch outside for £19 pounds. See the difference, we spent just £3 more outside and we got good food. I don't mind paying more if the food is good. I think most of the people agree with me in this case. Apart from food and goody bag we have fab time.

Clothing Shops..looks very cute and girly ...love the decorations..

Jan getting her Henna painting done

For more pictures you can check my facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/pages/Fashionbeautybug/325331680983. Video for london clothes show live is coming soon.

                                      Hope you'll go there next year...Cheerio!!


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