20 June 2010

Bargain Eyelashes...

I found eyelashes on bargain yesterday and I am so pleased with myself that I spotted such a good bargain. It has got five different eyelashes and also comes with re-sealable adhesive as well. Can you guess the price of these eyelashes? I bet you will get it wrong. It cost £6.99. Yes, its very cheap as just one eyelash cost above £5 pounds in drugstores. So, I was super pleased with myself that I spotted such a good bargain (5 eyelashes for £6.99)

Six Eyelashes for £6.99..OMG That's very a Good bargain..Yay!!

You can buy this product from TKMaxx. I normally don't shop in TKMaxx but from now on I will  try to hunt some more bargains. You never know I might end up getting some more good bargains. The name of company who made this eyelashes  is Active cosmetics. To be honest, I have never heard of this brand before. But after using this product I must say these eyelashes are very good and sticks properly. There is a clear instruction on the back about applying eyelashes. You will know when to apply this eyelashes on your eyes as the glue turns from white/clear colour to blue and from that you will know it has become tacky and ready to apply. People have perception that only expensive products works well and quality is better. But some of the cheap products are actually better than the expensive one. 

Back cover ...Comes with instruction on how to apply

Happy shopping.....Say H-E-L-L-O to beautiful eyes with Active cosmetics eyelashes!!


  1. Anonymous1/06/2011

    Thanks I just bought these!

  2. You are Welcome :D