9 May 2010

Front Cover Eyeshadow

Front cover eyeshadow comes with 20 eyeshadows, 4 eye glitter eye colours, liquid eyeliner and an applicator brush. It also comes with step by step instructions how to apply eyeshadow and get different types of looks which you don't find in most of the eyeshadow. I love this eyeshadow as it blends in very well and the colour is amazing. It has both shimmer and matte eyeshadow so you can use both to create new look for your eyes.

Front cover of the eyeshadow, looks very eyecatching and different than other eyeshadow

I must say the packging of this product is a big plus point as it looks very feminine and got loads of step by step guides inside and also at the back of this product. You can buy this product from boots and for some reason they sell this eyeshadow only in christmas time. It cost £40 which is bit expensive but given the fact it comes with so many eyeshadows and other stuffs i will definitely say its worth it. I bought mine from boots on sale and cost me £30.

Inside of the product....

Step by step guide to create different types of look...Amazing for amature who wants to learn different types of look

The eyeshadow inside...Got so many choices

The applicator brush is so soft to use. One side of the brush is bit thick while the other is bit thin. So, that you can use both brush to blend the eyeshadow properly and create new look. You can use glitter especially if you are going to parties and clubbing. Glitter will make your eyes stand out and makes it look even more pretty. Out of these 20 colours I use parrot, brunt toast, vanilla ice, bougainvillea and black ink the most and i absolutely adore those colours. They are my favourite out of 20 colours and I have highlighted them in a box so you can see. I love other colours as well but they are the ones i use most and i love the shimmery effect and the colour itself.

Back cover ...Has even got more guides to create new look..superb!!

You will never run out of ideas to create new look for your eyes. If you have already used this product feel free to share your opinions. Happy shopping !!


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