18 April 2010

Urban Decay Delux Eyeshadow Review

Urban Decay eyeshadow is my favourite. I love the palette itself as it so gorgeous, cute, feminine and fun.  Also it is in one of my favourite colour purple. Urban Decay is actually an American cosmetic company. In UK, you can find this eyeshadow only in particular shops like House of Fraser, Debenhams and larger boots stores.

The Front Cover..its gorgeous in it?

This delux palette contains nine eyeshadow and comes with mirror, two sponge applicator and primer. Always try to use eyeshawdow with primer or base as it helps to stay eyeshadow longer and won't let the eyeshadow crease.

The palette inside

Mini primer..Perfect for Eyeshadow base

This eyeshadow is soft and skin friendly. The qualiy of the colours are amazing. Though the colour looks bright but it goes well with skin and gives a smoky effect. It also blends in very well.  This palette is quite expensive as it cost £22.50 but you can't compromise on the quality as it has got first class quality.

 A close look of eyeshadow...

 I would say its worth spending money on it. Happy shopping!!