7 April 2010

Costal Scents 88 Makeup palette

Costal scents 88 makeup palette is one of the most used makeup palette by the makeup artist. It has got 88 different colour eyeshadow which means that you don't need to buy eyeshadow for long time and also you get variety of eyeshadow colour to choose from. This is the best eyeshadow palette I have ever bought. The colour is really nice and vibrant.  To get the full impact of the colour you must use a eyeshadow base or primer. I use urban decay primer which works really well and makes eyeshadow stay longer. Also this palette is not much expensive in comparision to the other palettes sold in high street. This palette is a perfect alternative to the expensive palette sold on high street and has even more colours than you normally get from other palette.

Front cover of the palette

88 eyeshadow inside..new colours to try everyday.. yay!!

looks like mini eyeshadow laptop...very cute..

This eyeshadow palette looks like a mini laptop. It is very cute with mirror attached on it. It also comes with two small applicator brush. You can buy this product from costal scents website (www.coastalscents.com) and in ebay as well. I bought mine from costal scents websites and it cost me £25 pounds with delivery charge. When i got the product it was like what they have promised i.e; no damages and new product. I was very impressed with the packaging as it was done very well to aviod any damages to the product.

I would recommend this palette to everyone and its worth spending money on it. I would rather spend money on this palette than on expensive one as it gives me more choices and the quality is superb. Also I end up saving few pounds which i can reinvest in my some other beauty products.


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