28 February 2010

Top High Street Retailer Debenhams Uses Disabled Models

For the first time in fashion history top high street Debenhams has used disabled models to showcase their clothes.They have become first high street retailer to break the taboo of using disabled models in campaign photography. Nikki Fox and Natasha Wood, both disability campaigners who co-presented hit TV show, ''How to Look Good Naked with a Difference'' approached to Debenhams with this idea. Debenhams says that it is committed to using disabled models in other photography; a second photographic shoot is being organised. The images will be used in Debenhams stores in Glasgow, Guildford, Oxford Street, London, W1, and Nottingham, with the intention of rolling out across all stores in the chain. 

In my point of view this is a very good idea and it reflects that the society where we live do not discriminate people on the grounds of disability. This would defenitely give more confidence to disable people all over the place no matter which country they live in. Gok Wan's TV show ''How to Look Good Naked with a Difference'' was brilliant and  real eye opener. A big thumbs up to debenhams for their effort to use disable models. Well Done folks!!


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