28 February 2010

Top High Street Retailer Debenhams Uses Disabled Models

For the first time in fashion history top high street Debenhams has used disabled models to showcase their clothes.They have become first high street retailer to break the taboo of using disabled models in campaign photography. Nikki Fox and Natasha Wood, both disability campaigners who co-presented hit TV show, ''How to Look Good Naked with a Difference'' approached to Debenhams with this idea. Debenhams says that it is committed to using disabled models in other photography; a second photographic shoot is being organised. The images will be used in Debenhams stores in Glasgow, Guildford, Oxford Street, London, W1, and Nottingham, with the intention of rolling out across all stores in the chain. 

In my point of view this is a very good idea and it reflects that the society where we live do not discriminate people on the grounds of disability. This would defenitely give more confidence to disable people all over the place no matter which country they live in. Gok Wan's TV show ''How to Look Good Naked with a Difference'' was brilliant and  real eye opener. A big thumbs up to debenhams for their effort to use disable models. Well Done folks!!

27 February 2010

Men's Trends Summer 2010

Men's fashion has been slightly straight for couple of years. But this year it seems to be different as men's fashion is getting more trendier and fashionable. It is a mix of tailoring and dressed down this year.


Shorts, skinny trousers and skinny suits, waistcoats, men bags, crips shorts and jackets are going to be huge this year. Also military is back with smart, daring and elegant trends.


19 February 2010

Milan Fashion WeeK Summer/Spring 2010

 Milan Fashion Week Videos - Versace, Burberry, D&G and Roberto Cavalli. Design is brilliant. Enjoy guys!!

16 February 2010

Spring/ Summer 2010 Clothes

After that grey and gloomy winter its not long for summer to arrive now. Months and months of wearing dull colours in winter now finally its the time to greet for more bright colours which will lift our moods over the summer. So, everybody now needs to get ready for summer and embrace the trends for summer 2010. These trends I am talking about today is my own opinion of what will be huge this summer and what most of the people would be wearing. Bear in mind, I had also taken references from top designers around the globe who has already showcased spring/summer clothes for 2010 in various fashion weeks.

Boyfriend Blazers
They were huge last year in summer 2009 and they are here to stay for 2010. Boyfriend blazer is the simple way to look chic whether if its day or night. Always wear a slightly oversized boyfriend jacket and roll up your sleeves for that sophisticated look.

See-Through and Sheer Fabric Trends 
This summer see-through and sheer fabrics are coming in fashion. Yes summer can be quite hot and these clothes keeps us cool and effortlessly sexy. We are already seeing bodies and sheer panel dresses in the high street. Even Cheryl cole was seen wearing see-through bodies in her video 'Fight For this Love'.

Jumpsuits  and playsuits are going to be all over high street this year. It appeared in catwalks all over the place and in different styles from tailored, sporty to loose and flowing. It is very verstile and easy to wear. You can wear this both for your day time and evening time look. Just need to decide what accessorises and shoes to wear.

Hair Bow Trends 
In spring/summer collection 2010 numbers of designers presented us with bow headbands. Hair is very important as it represents how we look. Make your bow oversized and fun. But don't end up looking like 80's madonna with bow. Do not wear any earrings as you want to draw full attention to your bow.

We love leggings and we have seen so many celebs wearing them. Again they are going to be a part of summer trend this year. We can't get enough of them, so try these in different styles. Printed leggings makes your legs stand out and if you are not so confident about yout thigs wear them with long tops and heels. Wet leggings make you legs look slimmer. You can wear leggings with fitting tops, boots and high heels.

Ripped Jeans
Yes ripped jeans are back for good. It took quite a while to comeback but it will be huge this summer. Keep yourself cool by wearing ripped jeans this summer and sexy too. Already some of the celebs have been seen sporting ripped jeans including kate moss and lindsay lohan.

Printed and Body Con Dresses
Printed and body con dresses are one of the trends and will be everywhere this summer. Body con dresses which is also known as figure hugging dressed shows your figure perfectly.  Invest some money on it.

Long Dress Splits Trend
Long dress splits trends was particulary seen on Versace spring/summer collection 2010 in Milan fashion week. It looks very elegant and yet sexy too. You should definitely wear them with high heels and keep accessories minimum.

Military and Tribal Trend
Military and tribal trend has been inspiration to so many designers. This year it has evolved from being dull to very cool and sexy. It has been given modern twist.


9 February 2010

Beauty Tips & Tricks

Beauty tips and tricks to save your money at credit crunch.  It will help you understand how you can use same product for different purposes. Also you don't need to spend fortune to look good.

1) Reduce pores - Minise open pores by covering your face with light layer of  natural yoghurt. leave it for five minutes then rinse off. Youghurt's live cultures cause skin to contract, making pores look smaller.

 2) Vaseline - Vaseline is a good a eye make up remover, can be used as lip gloss on top of your lipstick, can be used to tame unrurly eyebrows, for softer and better looking cuticles apply vaseline and put vaseline on your eyelash to moisturize them (lots of people say lashes grow longer and thicker overtime).

3)  Body lotion - If you are feeling lazy to put body lotion after shower then pour some oil (any oil will do) in tub of water and wash off your body with that water and you are all done. You don't need to apply any body lotion or oil in your body after that.

4) Cut booze, coffee and fizzy drinks - If you 've got big night out and want your skin to look its best, cut out on booze, coffee and fizzy drinks. The reducation in caffine and sugar will make you skin and eyes look brighter and clearer and you'll feel less tired too.

5) Baking Soda - To strengthen nails, soak your hands and feet in warm water with a tablespoon of baking soda.

6) Lipstick - If your favoruite lipsticks snaps in half, don't throw them away. Instead melt the broken base slightly with a match or lighter. when it starts to soften, place the other broken piece on top. then wind the lipstick down and pop them in the fridge for half an hour to set. it will be good as new.

7) Eyeshadow Primer - Make your own home made primer. Mix shea butter and foundation together . Then blend those two properly. Your home made primer is simply ready by mixing two products. 

8) Milk - If you have run out of cleasning milk just use milk to remove your make-up. Any milk will do (doesn't matter if it is semi-skimmed, skimmed or whole milk). Dip cotton in milk and start removing your make-up.
9) Hot chocolate - Do you know that you can use hot chocolate powder as a blusher/bronzer for a cheek? Yes you can. Dab your blusher brush in hot chocolate powder and tap off excess hot chocolate and apply in apple of your cheek bones in circular motion and see the results - Lovely kissable cheeks.

10) Potato - Can be used to get rid of scars, dark circle under eye or uneven skin. Cut the thin layer of potato and apply on you face in circular motion for 5-10 minutes.

4 February 2010


Can great skin be created?Yes. 3 Step skin care. 3 products, 3 minutes and twice a day. This is what clinique says about 3 step skin care.

The great thing about this product is that they do this skin care range for four different types of skins (type 1 - very dry to dry, type 2 - dry combination, type 3 - oily combination, type 4 - oily). The three product includes  liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion and  moisturizing lotion. I use type 1 as my skin is dry and it breaks out quite often. The promise from clinique is just 3 minutes, morning and night, to see clear, smooth, radiant skin in about two weeks.

It does work the way they have promised. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clear. After I have used this product my skin does not break out often like they used to before. I tried so many products before I used this unfortunately other products didn't work for me. I have been using this product for nearly two years and I would definitely recommend this to everyone.   I was so impressed with this product I even bought foundation which matches with my skin tone perfectly.  Clinique foundation looks  natural  and perfect . I love the texture and  its coverage. Its worth spending money on this product. 

You can buy this product in many places like House of Fraser, Boots, Debenhams etc. Also you can buy them on clinique website which offers review of the product and different offers with the product so that you end of saving little bit of money. Happy Shopping, Cheerio!

1 February 2010

Circle Lens

Ever wondered how asian actresses eyes looks so bright and pretty. Its all thanks to circle lens they wear. Circle lens are hugely famous in East asian countries like Japan, Korean, Hongkong and China. It were originally used by korean celebs before it was sold to the public.  Circle lens makes the eye iris appear larger and comes with different colours  from natural looking to special effects. This product cannot be purchased in western countries because of health and safety but you can buy this product in some of the asian websites and blogs. Circle lens makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and prettier. Even lady gaga has worn circle lens in her video "Bad Romance".