27 January 2010

Warm WelCome to my BloG...

Welcome! I’m so happy you’re here!My name is Sareeta. This is my first blog so I am still doing bit of adjustment and brush off. Despite of this I would like to welcome everyone and start posting. I guess you already know what I will be talking about from my blog's name. Yes! you are right. I will be talking about clothes, accessories, skincare, makeup, nail art and new trends. I do nailart and bit of makeup tutorial though I am not professional. I love shopping, reading books and going out with friends.

I would apprecaite if you could spare your precious time and read my blog. I hope you all will enjoy reading my blog. Please leave your comment and say 'hi'.


  1. Anonymous1/28/2010

    Hurro Sareeta, Very good work. Im impressed,

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